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The Association of Diabetes Educators (ADE), India - The Association of Diabetes Educators (ADE) is an organization of Healthcare Professionals working in the field of Diabetes with a special focus on Diabetes Educators.

Country:, Asia, IN

City: 77 , India

  • James L'Etoile - Good for French press grind

    The grinder is not as loud as my old Cuisinart grinder that I had to put to sleep. I use it for French press coffee and the grind is course enough with a few bits of fine material. A very good, compact grinder.

  • kenny - Works, and is worth the time and effort.

    Recommended to me by a vet, and works wonders. I bought a house and the previous owners had ferrets... After pulling up the carpets, discovered that the ferrets didn't like using a box apparently. My cats were not impressed. They left puddles immediately and frequently. Long story short, with a few applications they were satisfied and left the old spots alone, and I could carpet again. I have had no problems since. I keep a bunch on hand to clean the occasional slip up (one of my cats is a very very old cat and she doesn't always make it where she needs to be)... This works great.

  • Peppy - Worth the price and great service

    Well made and comfortable. Customer support is wonderful. I wish every retailer was so polite. It really pays to watch their short demo onYouTube. The lady who does the demo is so fun to listen to its worth watching just for that alone.

  • David K Falcon - worst software and really worse product I've ever used

    worst software and really worse product I've ever used. Virtually unworkable , slow, prone to locking, up bizarre malfunctions, failure of outside software, (Neat receipts, Firefox) are routine. Loaded with features You will neither want or need. It's also slow so be prepared to look at the spinning blue circle more than you have since 1995.

  • Tom Russell - The bad news is the link eventually comes back

    Having almost abandoned my hot tub because of leak I couldn't get to, I tried Fix A Leak as a last resort. And all I can say is.... it works! I use a whole bottle and it stops the leak in 15 minutes. You have to take filters out.....and then drain after leak stops. Let it sit empty for a few days and then clean out residue before refilling.

  • Amazon Customer - Keeps hot drinks hot!

    I have a Yeti 30 oz that I use for cold drinks and is amazing but wanted to get a 20 oz for hot drinks. At that point, I heard about the RTIC brand and that it is just as good a the Yeti but better priced, so I decide to buy one. This thing keeps coffee hot for a couple of hours and drinkably warm for 3 hours. Very happy with this purchase.

  • BV Cody Dog - Great shoe. I am no pro biker

    Great shoe. I am no pro biker, but these work great. They fit perfect, very comfortable. The latch on the top buckle is good and sturdy, makes for a very easy to use shoe that fits tight with good comfort.

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