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Difflam.co.uk | Sore throat treatment | Sore muscle treatment - Difflam rinses and creams include Benzydamine Hydrochloride for long lasting and fast acting pain relief for sore throats, painful muscles and sore sprains.

  • http://www.difflam.co.uk/hcp/ Difflam.co.uk | HCP - The difflam range offers a product portfolio for your patients to treat sore throats and pain
  • http://www.difflam.co.uk/the-difflam-range/ The Difflam Range - The Difflam product range has formulations from mouth and throat pain relief to body pains and sprains, sore muscles and stiff joints.
  • http://www.difflam.co.uk/the-difflam-range/difflam-spray/ Difflam™ Spray | Fast acting sore throat relief | Sore throat spray - Difflam Spray allows you to deliver just the right amount of fast acting relief straight to where it’s needed for painful sore throats that need relief
  • http://www.difflam.co.uk/the-difflam-range/difflam-sore-throat-rinse/ Difflam™ Sore Throat Rinse | Sore throat remedy - Difflam Sore Throat Rinse provides fast, lasting relief from the pain and inflammation of a sore throat.
  • http://www.difflam.co.uk/the-difflam-range/difflam-3-cream-new/ Difflam™ 3% Cream | Muscle and Joint pain | Pain Relief - Difflam Cream is for the relief of symptoms associated with painful inflammation from conditions such as myalgia, bursitis, sore muscles and stiff joints
  • http://www.difflam.co.uk/what-is-a-sore-throat/ What is a sore throat | Sore throat relief - A sore throat, also known as pharyngitis, is a very common ailment. In the UK, approximately 1 in 10 of us are affected by persistent sore throats.
  • http://www.difflam.co.uk/what-is-a-sore-throat/how-to-cure-a-sore-throat/ How to cure a sore throat | Sore throat remedy | Difflam - Drinking lots to avoid dehydration and reducing the amount of excerise you do can help cure a sore throat
  • http://www.difflam.co.uk/what-is-a-sore-throat/home-remedies-for-a-sore-throat/ Home remedies for a sore throat | Difflam - Home Remedies for a Sore Throat passed down through generations may actually have some merit
  • http://www.difflam.co.uk/what-is-a-sore-throat/sore-throat-top-tips/ Sore throat top tips | How to cure a sore throat | Difflam - While you cannot always prevent a sore throat completely, there are things you can do to reduce the risk of catching an infection
  • http://www.difflam.co.uk/what-is-pain/ What is pain | pain and sore muscles advice | Difflam - What is pain? Pain is a very individual experience - everyone feels it differently and has a different tolerance. Find out more on pain and pain cures
  • http://www.difflam.co.uk/what-is-pain/types-of-pain/ Types of pain | sore muscles and strains | pain advice - An introduction to different types of pain from acute pain to severe. Difflam can treat many different types of pain for a sudden and long-lasting relief.
  • http://www.difflam.co.uk/what-is-pain/sports-injury/ Sports injuries | sport injury advice and relief | Difflam - From sprains and strains to bone injuries, Sports-related injuries can effect your day to day live. Find out how to relieve the symptoms.
  • http://www.difflam.co.uk/what-is-pain/pain-relief/ Pain relief | Sore and strained muscle relief | Difflam cream - There are many different methods to help provide relief from pain. Difflam can help to relieve painful injuries and sore throats for instant pain relief
  • http://www.difflam.co.uk/what-is-pain/pain-exercises/ Exercises to manage pain | Pain relief - Pain relief, exercise and stretching may help ease some types of pain. Find out more about exercises for neck and lower back pain.
  • http://www.difflam.co.uk/where-to-buy-difflamtm/ Where to Buy Difflam™ | Difflam Cream | Difflam Spray - Difflam products are available on prescription or sold over the counter by your local pharmacist. It is also possible to buy them online.

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  • jorge - I wanna set it on fire.

    Horrible taxture.plastic wavy all the way across. Dont even think about painting it. I would pay 40 $ for it .so disappointed

  • Madartist - Keep on truckin'

    Haven't used it long enough to see much difference. But that is my experience with similar products. I keep using them and I still have skin at age 75, so they must do some good.

  • TastyWhale - Very enjoyable, good summary of all the plot and action points in the movie.

    I bought this for my two nephews but wanted a copy for myself too. I've since quickly surpassed my nephews' achievement points in the game :)

  • Sistertex - Start saving rental fees now!

    As others have stated, it is a little big, but it's easy to set up and it does the job. We've owned many LinkSys products over the years and they've always performed well for us. Honestly, I can't tell any difference in performance from the cable modem we were using, an Aris SurfBoard SB6190, which actually cost a bit more. The SurfBoard is tiny compared to this thing. I think both are fast enough that they are not the performance limiter in our system.

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