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  • http://www.digital-performance-marketing-group.com/advertising/ Digital Performance Marketing Group-Digital Advertising <br><h4>Performance</h4> - Ad performance is all about who doesn't see your ads. We use behavior targeting and other winning strategies to avoid wasting money on worthless clicks.Supercharge My Ads
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  • http://www.digital-performance-marketing-group.com/google-analytics-services/ Digital Performance Marketing Group-Google Analytics Services - Google Analytics is now the standard for Digital Marketing.  Its free, powerful tool, and unfortunately a bit complex to deploy properly. Let us help you get Google Analytics implemented, optimized the right way and unleash the power of analytics to your business. 
  • http://www.digital-performance-marketing-group.com/company/ Digital Performance Marketing Group-Company - Digital Performance Marketing Experts With Proven Business Results Now Focusing On What We Do Best!TALK WITH US
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  • RMK100 - Won't use anything else.

    This is by far my favorite go-to brand for valve oil. I use it on my trumpet and my horn. I am especially happy that there are no dies.

  • Brianna Shafer - Could be better

    I purchased this a couple months ago and was very excited to find an all natural product for my hair loss. So far, it has made my hair very soft and smells nice ( I use the conditioner as well). I have not seen any type of results in terms of hair growth and my head gets itchy and flaky. I will continue to use it until the bottles are empty in hopes that I will see results, if I do not scratch all my hair off before then.

  • TCEngineer - Mostly good with some major hangups

    All works good except for email. I went through the email setup & could not get it to work. I tried the auto setup - no workie. I tried the exact same server & other settings as my XP desktop - no workie. I tried the server & settings that AT&T-Yahoo recommend on their website - no workie. I tried just about every combo of server & settings, going thru the permutations very methodically - no workie. I finally called AT&T-Yahoo tech support & they wanted to charge me to help & I finally gort so frustrated I hung up on them & called MS tech support. They kept with it for over two hours on a Sat evening & for several more hours on Sunday. It finally started working using the same server & settings as my XP desktop that I had already tried. I have no idea why although I suspect there are some hidden settings that MS tech support can get to that users can't. It still glitches occasionally on send/receive. I've been unable to pursue it further with them for the last several days due to heavy commitments on my time. I have arranged to get back together with them when my time frees up in a week or so. Very frustrating, it should be much easier than this.

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