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  • Bruins86 - What an amazing product. It is so much easier to use ...

    What an amazing product. It is so much easier to use than urine tests, and in long run is less expensive.

  • DeuceDawg287 - No blockbuster, but entertaining!

    My daughter's friends were all a buzz over this movie so I rented it so she could see what the hype was. I had seen it before, but it was fun to watch it with her. Definitely not Oscar material by any means, but somewhat entertaining, from a "yikes, what the heck would you do if something crazy like that happened?!?!"

  • J. Grady - Awesome messenger bag!

    I bought this bag because it had good reviews. It lives up to it's reputation. The design is exceptional. The construction seems sturdy. There are many well thought out pockets. I've discovered a few design items that serve double duty, such has the shoulder strap D-rings which make good anchoring points for clipping accessories to.

  • elana lee - So far so good. They were quick to send it to me ...

    So far so good. They were quick to send it to me and I have heard many great reviews. I hope it will be useful in the next coming months of studying.

  • JeffM - Good Product - Poor Support

    Been an Acronis user for a few years, including 2016. The product does function as advertised with a few bugs (that do not impact backup and recovery, at least for me). But be warned: Acronis has a terrible support policy. You can only get support for 30 days after purchase unless you want to pay for support! And even when they come out with an update, if there is a problem there is NO way to report it (and no I am not going to pay to report their problems). Yes they have a forum, but it says right on the site that Acronis does not monitor the forum, so if you post a problem all you get is a lot of other users agreeing with you that there is a problem - but you don't get a solution.

  • Amazon Customer - Chromebook is basically worthless.

    I was so excited to get my chromebook for Christmas, yet have been nothing but disappointed. The unit has never worked properly, continually crashing, reseting, and not connecting to WiFi. I have tried all available fixes, including searching online for help. I have installed updates, reset the device, restored the device to factory settings and nothing works. It continues to shut down and reset itself every few minutes, making it not usable. I finally resorted to returning it to Amazon, and found it past the return date, with no customer service to help make it right. I spent $250 on a big paper weight. I am dissapointed that Amazon wont help to replace a defective product.

  • ronanweb - worked great

    Fit just the way it was supposed to. From the OEM and ready to install. Has been working great so far!

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