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  • Alexis Ann - LOVE HIFONICS

    I love this amp i got it dyno tested max output is 2046w @1ohm with 17.9 volts gotta love it n it gets warm at after two hour of a continues 1600w but if u guys just have this amp n u have a stock alternator ur only getn aroung the 1400w max so u will need to upgrade alternator to full power from this amp it is power hungry n not havn enough power will destory amp over time but all amps over 1000w needs a bigger altanator for sure with 0g big 3

  • Brandie H - 5% cream for myself and I love it. I like the way you pump the ...

    I purchased the Uptown Retinol 2.5% cream for myself and I love it. I like the way you pump the top of the jar and just the right amount of cream is dispersed. I also like that there is no smell to the cream; I have used other anti-aging creams and I couldn’t get past the smell. I have been using this cream for about a month now, applying it once in the evening. I can tell a difference in the softness of my skin and that my skin tone is more even. I have also noticed that the redness on my face has not been as noticeable; I get red blotches on my face at times due to some of the medication I currently take.

  • MPetro - Better than I expected!

    I bought this glue to glue down some tiles on our bathroom floor that have popped up! It was simple and easy to use, dried quickly although it was a little messy. The directions say it will triple in size and they are not kidding! The directions also say to place something heavy to act as a vice if you can't use a vice. I followed these directions and well, basically glued a brick to the floor on top of the tile. Seemed like a major failure but, we were able to get the brick off and scrape away the excess glue without any of the tiles popping back off. Just be more careful than I was with this stuff!!! Lesson learned...

  • Yankee Don - Painless acorn Removal

    Researched options for large corn on my right toe. Many complained of long painful recovery from surgery. Thought I'd give salicylic acid a try. Have been using per instructions about 2 weeks. Got up this morning and entire corn and core peeled right off with absolutely no discomfort! With such low cost and ease of use, I would recommend anyone who is not diabetic try this before using other more intrusive, expensive options.

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