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Soderlund Drugstore Museum History - Historical pharmacy and drugstore information about the history of pharmacy and the American corner drug store included in Soderlund Pharmacy Museum. Dedicated in honor of Bill Soderlund and Joan Soderlund.

  • http://www.drugstoremuseum.org/drugstore/ History of drug store - The first drugstore in America has been a topic of many debates. Pharmacy history
  • http://www.drugstoremuseum.org/soda-fountain/ Drug store soda fountain history - The drugstore soda fountain was the backbone of Main Street USA from the time they made their appearance in the 1830's through most of the 20th century.
  • http://www.drugstoremuseum.org/pharmacognosy/ Pharmacognosy history - Pharmacognosy is one of the five major divisions of the pharmaceutical curriculum, represents the oldest branch of the profession of pharmacy.
  • http://www.drugstoremuseum.org/films/ Soderlund Drugstore Museum :: Humphrey Film - Hubert Humphrey was a pharmacist, senator and vice president. The documentary The Art of the Possible was partly filmed at the drug store museum. History of Humphrey.

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