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Division of Space Life Sciences - The Universities Space Research Association's Division of Space Life Sciences (DSLS) supports NASA's needs for understanding and counteracting the physiological changes that accompany space flight.

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  • Mistyt125 - I took my coco luxe to Arizona on a business ...

    I took my coco luxe to Arizona on a business trip and man was it a lifesaver! It would give me a quick afternoon pick me up while attending a long conference session and kept my skin hydrated in the dry weather. Plus, it's so convenient to throw in a bag and go. Several colleagues were asking me for the website once I showed them. I will definitely purchase again.

  • Furman O. Ashley - Good but Hard

    My title comes from the fact that this is a good product but hard to use over large areas. I choose this to black out my chrome(ish) front and rear bumpers. It does the job of protecting against chips. The problem comes from the can nozzle. First it is much harder to use than the newer blue tip adjustable nozzles so if you're going to do any large surface, you'll be better served getting one of the snap on trigger adapters to use with this can. The other bad part that may not be such a big deal on a wheel is that the nozzle also only provides a small fan of spray so on an flat surface, your options are to have uneven spray of the paint so that it dries like you layered it in markers or you try to prevent that with overlap and end up with runs in the paint. After my first attempt on the bumpers, I went to a adjustable tip standard black enamel and clear coat from Dupli-Color and obtained a nice smooth brilliant black and with clear coat ended up with a factory look. I do not recommend this product.

  • iRub1Out - Good product, but not what it used to be.

    This is the new formula introduced by Onnit about a year and a half ago. The "Classic" formula was much more effective, I feel that this is no longer worth it's current price.

  • Kris10 - These really do work!

    Bought these for my boyfriend who has mild arthritis in his knees. He can absolutely feel a difference within a week of taking these. His jump shots get a lot easier and not as much pain after playing basketball.

  • Unforgiv3N - Wow ..

    Affordable and Reasonable Price in Compression with other 2011-3 Series .. Works Smooth even on High Over Clock Settings ( You need Good Motherboard, Power Supply and a Good Cooling Fan of course .. ), if you search a little you may catch a better unbeatable price for this .. for Motherboard I recommend Asrock Taichi, it comes with reasonable price ( around $200 ) and it is reliable bought a ASUS Strix X99 and failed ..

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