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San Diego Equine Veterinarian | Horse Vet in El Cajon, Lakeside, Ramona - ECLAP is a San Diego equine veterinarian practice servicing Lakeside, El Cajon, Ramona, Jamul, Poway, Imperial Beach, Bonita, and Alpine. Our large animal practice has four horse vets and a central clinic.

  • http://www.eclap.org/veterinarian-san-diego Veterinarian San Diego | Pet Animal Hospital - ECLAP's Small Animal Clinic is a pet animal hospital and San Diego veterinarian practice where your pet's health comes first.
  • http://www.eclap.org/advanced-equine-dentistry.htm San Diego Equine Dentist | Horse Dentistry in El Cajon, Lakeside, Ramona - If you are in a need of a San Diego equine dentist, ECLAP offers horse dentistry services such as comprehensive dental exams and correction of dental abnormalities. ECLAP provides equine dentistry services to Lakeside, El Cajon, Ramona, Jamul, Poway, Imperial Beach, Bonita, and Alpine.
  • http://www.eclap.org/breeding-services.htm Equine Breeding Services | Horse and Stallion Collection - ECLAP offers equine breeding services to San Diego, El Cajon, Lakeside, Ramona, Jamul and Alpine
  • http://www.eclap.org/digital-radiograph-machine.htm Digital Radiograph Machine for Horses - ECLAP offers a sophisticated digital radiograph machine to capture x-rays for horses and equine patients in San Diego, El Cajon, Ramona, Lakeside, Bonita, and Alpine
  • http://www.eclap.org/digital-ultrasound-machine.htm Computerized Digital Ultrasound Machine for Horses - ECLAP's digital ultrasound machine examines tendons, eyes, hearts, kidneys, livers and lungs
  • http://www.eclap.org/endoscope.htm Video Endoscopy Services for Horses | Endoscopy and Gastroscopy - ECLAP provides video endoscopy services to examine your horse for stomach ulcers
  • http://www.eclap.org/health-maintenance-program.htm San Diego Equine Health | Horse Medicine in Lakeside, Bonita, Ramona - ECLAP offeres San Diego equine health maintenance programs on an annual basis. Our veterinarians specialize in horse medicine and provide vaccinations, teeth floating, deworming and sheath cleaning. Annual horse health maintenance is offered in Lakeside, El Cajon, Ramona, Jamul, Poway, Imperial Beach, Bonita, and Alpine.
  • http://www.eclap.org/lameness-evaluation.htm Equine Lameness Evaluation - ECLAP offers equine lameness evaluation services with various facilities and equipment to diagnose and treat lameness cases
  • http://www.eclap.org/pre-purchase-exam.htm Equine Veterinarians at ECLAP Perform Pre-Purchase Exams for Prospective Horse Owners - Equine veterinarians at ECLAP perform pre-purchase exams, which are highly recommended to all prospective horse owners
  • http://www.eclap.org/shockwave-therapy.htm Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy for Horses with Stress Fractures, Joint Disease, Back Problems - ECLAP provides extracorporeal shockwave therapy for horses, with the goal of treating injuries such as stress fractures, joint disease and back problems
  • http://www.eclap.org/worming-program.htm Annual Deworming Program for Horses | Preventative Maintenance for Horses - ECLAP's annual deworming program protects horses against parasites and provides preventative maintenance for horses
  • http://www.eclap.org/surgery.htm Equine Surgery in San Diego, El Cajon, Lakeside for Hernia Repair, Castrations, Lacerations, Mass Removals - ECLAP's horse veterinarians perform equine surgery in San Diego, El Cajon, Lakeside, Ramona for hernia repair, castrations, mass removals, and lacerations
  • http://www.eclap.org/san-diego-equine-medical-services San Diego Equine Medical Services | Horse Health in Lakeside, Imperial Beach, Poway - ECLAP provides equine medical services in San Diego, including equine dentistry, breeding services, and horse health maintenance. We provide equine health services to Lakeside, El Cajon, Ramona, Jamul, Poway, Imperial Beach, Bonita, and Alpine.
  • http://www.eclap.org/meet-our-vets.htm Meet the Equine Veterinarians in our East County Equine Health Practice, Greg Smith, Craig Chandler, Daniel Oman, Carlise Rand - Meet the equine veterinarians in our East County San Diego horse vet practice - Dr. Greg Smith, Dr. Craig Chandler, Dr. Daniel Oman, and Dr. Carlise Rand.
  • http://www.eclap.org/eclap-photo-gallery.htm Our Photo Gallery Shows Our Past and Present Equine Patients - The ECLAP photo gallery shows our equine patients of our horse clinic in San Diego, both past and present.
  • http://www.eclap.org/san-diego-equine-clinic San Diego Equine Clinic | Equine Vet in Jamul, Bonita, Alpine - Our San Diego equine clinic has a primary focus of attention on the animal. Each equine vet strives to provide efficient and courteous service in a timely fashion. ECLAP services the areas of Lakeside, El Cajon, Ramona, Jamul, Poway, Imperial Beach, Bonita, and Alpine.
  • http://www.eclap.org/staff.htm Meet the Staff of Our East County San Diego Equestrian Vet Practice - Meet the staff of our East County San Diego equestrian vet practice - Valerie Shartel, Nicole Kaminsky, Nancy Murphy
  • http://www.eclap.org/faq.htm Frequently Asked Questions for Equine Veterinary Practice in El Cajon, Servicing Lakeside, Ramona, Alpine - Frequently asked questions for our El Cajon equine veterinary practice, servicing Lakeside, Ramona, Alpine. Answering questions on equine vaccinations and care for mare and foal
  • http://www.eclap.org/events.htm East County San Diego Equine Veterinary Practice Events | ECLAP Calendar - Events calendar for El Cajon, East County San Diego equine veterinary practice events.
  • http://www.eclap.org/eclap-cash-cards.htm ECLAP Cash Cards | Equine Clinic Gift Cards in San Diego, Lakeside, Alpine, Poway, El Cajon - ECLAP Cash Cards are equine clinic gift cards for our veterinary practice in San Diego, Lakeside, Alpine, Poway, El Cajon, Ramona
  • http://www.eclap.org/contactus.htm San Diego Large Animal Practice Contact Information | Equestrian Vet in El Cajon, Lakeside, Ramona, Alpine, Jamul, Bonita - ECLAP contact information and driving directions. ECLAP is a San Diego large animal practice and equestrian vet in El Cajon, Lakeside, Ramona, Alpine, Jamul, Bonita

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  • Marie - Gorgeous as always and I love having it delivered

    Gorgeous as always and I love having it delivered. The price is better than the department store with the pre-Christmas sale!

  • alohafrombigislandhawaii - Organo Gold Gourmet Black Coffee

    Love the coffee. Easy to prepare, add a little organic cocoa, tiny bit of sugar and some cream. Great flavor, taset......would recommend more to friends but the product is a bit too pricey for what you get.

  • P. Burgos - It's not that great

    When I purchased this game, I did like how they created their Mii Character Sparky Whitmore, but the gameplay is a bit flawed becuase When someone asks the survey and you get it wrong you don't get anything and when the opponent misses the question, the game does not go to another question or to the next player, rather it goes to the next round making it very unfair if you have a low score. Though this game could be better, I think that UBISoft can make it more great than this. It's not the very best, the best is the 2010 version which features the final set of John O'Hurley before the move to Orlando, FL (2010-2011) and now, Atlanta, GA (2011-present).

  • Pm Absolum - Excellent for those in nursing school

    I bought this for my daughter to study with before she sat her New Zealand State Finals. She found it excellent, very helpful and up-to-date. And yes, she passed with flying colours and now has a position in a big hospital.

  • L. Klimasauskas - Works but skeptical

    '97 Honda Civic here with a failing head gasket - symptoms of really rough starting, plumes of blue smoke (oil) on start, rough idling and burning coolant. My local mechanic quoted me $1200-$1500 for a head gasket repair (their labor is a bit on the steep end) which was worth more than the car so I decided to give this a try as a last resort. I wanted to ensure that it mixed properly with my coolant so I only added about 1/3rd of the container (1/2 is advised for 4 cyl. engines) and idled with the heater on high for 15 minutes and shut it off. The next day the start was rough with another plume of blue smoke and off to work I went. Since then my car has been behaving great. No more rough starting and uneven idling. No more blue smoke and burnt coolant. It's been nearly a week but so far the product works as described.

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