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Episcopal Children Services | Providing a Foundation of Early Education for the Whole Family - Founded in 1966, Episcopal Childrens Services has become the largest not-for-profit child services organization (for children birth to five) in Northeast Florida. Starting out as one small child care center, we now provide high quality services to more than 25,000 young children in Duval, Clay, Nassau, Baker, Bradford, Union, Putnam and St. Johns counties

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City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • Markpr73 - Good software package, but whack to install!

    This software, while it seems to do everything you want it to do, is a ROYAL pain in the ass to load. I had to get tech help from Kaspersky via phone that took forever. This was due to a Microsoft add-on that had to be installed before I could install the Kaspersky program. I was on the phone with customer service for about 20 minutes and, right as we were coming close to wrapping everything up, the phone line gets disconnected (on their end).Kaspersky's agent had said that he thought the reason I was having trouble with the Microsoft add-on was because my administrator/user account had been corrupted. I was prompted to establish a new user account, which did correct the add-on issue. I was eventually able to get the Kaspersky software successfully installed, but it took a lot of time and headaches. I'm not sure if the trouble I had with this is typical of other's experiences, but I know I did NOT have any kind of problems like these when I got my first Kaspersky package last year. Seems like they have some "bugs" to work out yet.

  • Rebekah E. Spahn - RTIC 30oz Tumbler Handle

    I bought a sMaid handle that fits my RTIC tumbler in a way that the 30oz will fit into a normal size cup holder with ease (it's more flexible and easier to push the bottom part of the handle up towards the wide part of the tumbler).

  • AmySmiles - These test should be removed from the market!

    4 years ago I used First response early pregnancy tests after an IVF cycle. I received clear positive results from 6 days post a 5 day embryo transfer. The lines were consistent. Now we just did a frozen embryo transfer and I could not find the old tests, so purchased these instead. I have tried out. 3 boxes Now with very inconsistent results. After doing some research and talking with others on baby center.com I see many others are confused with results from this test as well. It most definitely can give false positives which is fairly uncommon in HPTS, but it is. Also confusing even if you tested positive on other tests because the line never darkens on this one like others. This leads me to believe so,etching is wrong with the test itself. Perhaps it matters batch you get, but 3 tests from one box, using the same urine sample, resulted in different quality of lines, from not there at all, to faint, to most definitely positive. This is very confusing! I will no longer use these tests and would advise others to skip POAS with this brand. For the record I also used their gold digital and both tests had error messages and didn't work. What a waste! I'm sticking with store brand early pregnancy tests as they've give Consistent results and are cheaper!

  • R. Burnthorn - A great upgrade for the N66

    The AC 88U is replacing my RT-N66 router as my main router. With the advent of 4K streaming, Plex, IP Cameras, NAS boxes, Rokus and backups, I felt that I needed to have a more robust router as at certain times it seemed that my N66 couldn't keep up. Not very often but enough to make we want to upgrade my 3 year old amazing router.

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