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Medical Travel | Medical Tourism | 海外医疗 | 旅游医疗 | 國際醫療 | 觀光醫療 - E-DA is accredited to Joint Commission International (JCI). Our highlighted healthcare services are cancer treatment, weight loss (reduction), total hip replacement, total knee replacement, idiopathic scoliosis, free style perforator flap surgery. 义大通过JCI国际评鉴,特色医疗服务有癌症治疗、减肥、臂神经丛重建、髋关节置换、膝关节置换、脊椎侧弯、游离皮瓣重建等手术。義大通過JCI國際評鑑,特色醫療服務有癌症治療、減重、臂神經叢重建、髖關節置換、膝關節置換、脊椎側彎、游離皮瓣重建等手術。

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  • Joe Pitts - I think I have a defective unit. I was ...

    I think I have a defective unit. I was unable to get it to work. I took it to a couple of friends that have one and they were unable to get to work. The start page doesn't get clear and has a cloudy haze over it. Please advise.

  • bella - I thought I would love it...

    I owned a similar product years ago and I loved, loved, loved it. It was made out of tempered glass and it did all the things Nuwave claims to do. I gave the oven to my mother when I relocated from one state to another and vowed to invest in another later. I never did but I kept seeing this Nuwave over and told my husband I wanted one. He bought it for me this past Christmas. I was excited and I wanted to try it right away so I cleaned it and cooked our Christmas Turkey in it; immediately I knew I did not like the product.The turkey had a plastic taste to it. My husband said perhaps it was the protective coat on the dome that burnt off during the initial use. I kept giving it a try and time after time I became increasingly disappointed. The dome lid doesn't stand up when it's removed, It flips over. The locking mechanism at the top won't stay on l if you do not put on correctly you will not have a good seal and your digital pad will come detached from the dome.I prefer the unit I previously owned, you only removed the glass lid not the entire dome. .Having to constantly remove the digital pad from the dome in order to clean it will cause wear and tear on the product. In addition, there is a space at the bottom of the Nuwave oven between the base and the removable metal dripping pan that creates condensation, I do not like that. Lastly your food will only brown and crisp on the upside you have to continuously flip your food,it's supposed to be air circulating all around a convection system that will make you food crisp and moist locking in flavor. This product does not deliver as advertised. I am very disappointed thank goodness for the 90 day money back guarantee because I'm having my husband replace the new wave with a tempered glass version that I previously owned.

  • Robert R - Looks good, reception mediocre

    The look of this item is much nicer than the standard wire antenna that the 2014 Toyota Sienna comes with, but the reception is a 2 out of 5. This is the first time in years that I've had a radio that is not very clear. The static, delays, and interruptions from poor reception is quite annoying.

  • TAM BAM - it's like a mirror

    This tv has A LOT of glare...it's like a mirror. Can see windows, lamps and everything else in it. Only time it has a great picture is when the room is dark...and the remote is suppose to have a voice recognition buttton on it but it does not

  • L. Jackson - I absolutely love them. The Swaddlers pull the wetness away and ...

    I had my first child, a daughter, in October 2014 and have used Pampers since she was born. I absolutely love them. The Swaddlers pull the wetness away and suck it up to lessen the risk of diaper rash. I received a few packages of Huggies Snugglers at my baby shower. One was still sealed in the box and the other was in a diaper cake. I used the diapers in the diaper cake and then ended up returning the sealed box to Walmart to exchange for Swaddlers. The Huggies diapers leaked almost every time I used them. They didn't fit well and didn't have what I would call "side flaps" that wrap around the hips of the baby to ensure they don't dig into the baby and also create a secure fit. I also wasn't a fan of the busy designs on the Huggies. Swaddlers do have Sesame Street characters, however, they are restricted to the top front of the diaper. The rest is white - minus the blue/yellow line running front to back. This is nice because the designs will show through clothes and you can, of course, see them if my daughter is wearing a dress. My daughter is now crawling and beginning to walk. I haven't had any issues with the diaper shifting since she moves ALL THE TIME. I had thought about switching to Cruisers, but decided if it isn't broke, don't fit it!

  • Anonymous - Good product.... no pump

    This smells great, and is safe for sensitive skin, but other products I've bought from this company have pumps to put into the bottle, making it easy to dispense. This one didn't, and that was a disappointment. Other than that, good product.

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