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  • Reed - TV good, internet connection card terrible

    I bought from best buy on Amazon prime day (Amazon ran out). Picture and sound are great. HOWEVER... it is supposed to be a smart TV. But the wireless card sucks. Needs to be within 20 feet of the router to use streaming video. Why, well I called customer service and basically said that there isn't a separate antenna on the TV. So, while my computer, phone, tablet, etc. can get 40 mbps right next to the tv, the tv can only get 10 mbps, and the signal is intermittent, causing all sorts of interuptions and problems.

  • Donna's List - ... using this for over a year - does an excellent job for setting up new tank and water changes

    Have been using this for over a year - does an excellent job for setting up new tank and water changes. Recently I ran out and used another product when I changed water. Lost a fish!! I will always use this from now on. Excellent readings (spot on) for Ph and Ammonia/NItrates when using this.

  • Frank - A complete waste of money

    This product was packaged very well and arrived in excellent condition. But, other than that it is a complete waste of money. I have used it countless times and no matter what I do I just get an arm workout. It does not work, at all. There are other products of this kind out there that actually do work. But not this one. Do not waste your money or your time. I do not in any way and would never recommend this product to anyone. I gave it one star to be able to post this review.

  • Ann C. Pope - My husband wanted to try it to see if it ...

    My husband wanted to try it to see if it would help his knees. It did - a little but when he started the "recommended dose" it upset his stomach and he had to stop taking it. Now he's scheduled for a total knee replacement. There was no disclaimer that it could cause stomach upset.

  • Bryan - Good light, low heat

    Light is a red spectrum that produces very little heat. Been running it and no burn outs on the leds after a few months. I'm buying another one in a few months.

  • STEGELER - Don't buy this modem if you need to get bug fixes to code and you are with comcast

    Short and sweet here. I have old firmware running on this device. Comcast won't upgrade it because they say they are not responsible for it. The motorola website states:

  • Amazon Customer - I love this set

    I love this set. I just have to remember to rinse out the product on my face really good before applying on it.

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