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  • nonpro - This is a nice shampoo. You only have to use a small drop.

    This is a nice shampoo. You only have to use a small drop to get results. I needed a natural shampoo because my dog gets cysts and I don't know what is causing them. I will keep using this shampoo just because it doesn't seem to leave a residue. It rinses off squeaky clean.

  • Ronald S. - Low level shaver rated top of the line

    I purchased this for my son that is handicapped, He loves it and it works very well. It should provide service for a long time. He loves the fact that it can be rinsed off after use instead of using the tiny brush. Which was hard for him to hold onto.All in all this razor is perfect for him.

  • Mrs.Quinci35 - Great start, want more

    This introduction book definitely warmed me to the series and Edelheit's writing style. I recalled Anthony Ryan's series with the infamous Vaelin al Sorna (which I adore). The stories are way different except for the protagonists who are kick-ass leaders. The writing is straight to the point, no holds barred, this is what's going on, humorous at times, warm and way less bloody than Ryan's war story. Stiger is no Vaelin though. They're two different animals. Stiger is more man than magic, an aristocrat who's better suited for the battle field. There's a mission, a threat and a fight with interesting developments along the way.

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