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Environmental Law Centre - The Environmental Law Centre is a Registered Charity specialising in Fundamental Freedoms and Human Rights relating to Health and the Environment.

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  • RealReviewsBYTruGeek - A step backwards from Keurig 1.0 in functionality!

    Every once in a while I come across a purchase that I really regret, this one is it out of all my purchases for the 2015 Christmas season.

  • dm76 - ... this daily to stay on top of things i like how you have detox and diet they both work ...

    i have been useing the triple teatox kit and wow this is one powerfull setup for my body im takeing this daily to stay on top of things i like how you have detox and diet they both work flawlessly has cleaned out my body for the better top of the line i do a lot of walking 7 days a week about 5 hours everyday working out just walking and hikeing by doing this and takeing the teas it has pushed all of the crap out of mys system im now feeling stronger more energy more alive im loseing weight i feel alive again thats for sure and that matters the most i recommend this to everyone it comes with the bonus tea infuser which is a plus made really well very durable to last it works like a pro.

  • caitlin - Super Honey that cures all. No really.

    This honey. Where to begin? It is AMAZING. I have given this to my friends with the bacteria H. Pylori, acid reflux, and stomach discomfort. Each and every one of them loves it and swears by it. Is it expensive ? Oh goodness, yes. Does it work? A resounding YES. Is it worth it? 100% YES! This product is so good, and the taste is so delicious, it is simply worth every single penny. It has a color of liquid gold, smells somewhat minty, and is extremely viscous. This honey is only found in the top hills of New Zealand where the manuka plant grows, and the huge bees that fly up at that elevation, giving a world renown quality and flavor that is so unique, I promise you, you will not regret trying this out. As a longtime Amazon customer, I rely on reviews from the Amazon community when making buying decisions. That being said, I only believe in giving honest and unbiased reviews. If this review was helpful to you in any way please click below.

  • I. TOWNSEND - Dream come true!

    I've been using Easy Straight for 18 months now. I have naturally curly, very coarse hair. Using Easy Straight means you HAVE to follow directions to the tee! Timing must be followed correctly to ensure good results. I just used this again last week and I didn't have any damage at all. My hair is very manageable, doesn't take 2 hours to straighten anymore. I love this product!!!!!

  • Gatorgus - Rip-off

    Ridiculously expensive product that does nothing. Don't even think about doing the free trial. They require a credit card number the automatically bill you. I have no explanation for why I fell for this nonsense. If the product really worked, they wouldn't need your credit card.

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