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eMarketservices. ICEX. Toda la Información para que las empresas utilicen los mercados electrónicos como canal de negocio - eMarket Services (ICEX) facilita a las empresas la localización y el uso de mercados electrónicos en los negocios internacionales. Nuestra misión es facilitar a empresas, especialmente a las pymes, la utilización de los mercados electrónicos como canal de negocio. Emarket Services proporciona conocimiento e información sobre mercados electrónicos de todo el mundo. Dispone de una base de datos con más de 2.000 mercados electrónicos analizados, que permite consultas por sector y mercado; informes y artículos de interés; información sobre seminarios, ejemplos de experiencias de empresas en el uso de estos mercados y material de formación para ayudar a las empresas a comprender las oportunidades, riesgos y tendencias asociadas al uso de los mercados electrónicos.

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  • Captain Silver - Does what it says it does

    This stuff works as advertised - does indeed make glass almost "invisible." I use this for the interior of my truck windows, and it does an excellent job. I apply twice with old lint-free t-shirts (the manufacturer recommends against using paper towels), and then dry with a clean dry t-shirt. I've found this sufficient to remove build up from my truck windows. Unlike the "blue" glass cleaners you get at the grocery store, this product doesn't leave streaks on the glass - in any temperature, hot or cold, once the A/C or the heat kicks in, my truck windows are crystal clear.

  • Unicorn - Wonderful cooler (for the price)

    I've recently built an AMD Athlon II 425-based computer (a certain regional electronics retailer well-known for their CPU/motherboard combos made an offer I could not refuse. What I paid for the CPU works out to less than forty dollars.) Naturally, and like most other people who choose to assemble their own PCs, I could not resist the allure of overclocking. Of course, stock cooling solutions are adequate for... well, cooling the CPU at stock settings. Since all modern CPUs have great overclocking potential but get quite hot when doing so, I wanted to upgrade my cooler.

  • CT Chicklet - Very Effective - Helped with Codependent Adult Child!

    This program is GREAT for parents who need help becoming "good enough" parents. I am so impressed because it even helped us become the loving parents our 40-something daughter needed so that her disrespectful entitlement attitude completely reversed.

  • Dalton - Great source of study material

    As a product reviewer, companies oftentimes provide me with samples of their products at a discounted rate in order to test them out and provide reviews. I received this book at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. It is a great source of study material and is it is not too hard to understand. I would definitely recommefnd for students as a good source of review material. It even comes with a helpful 100 question test at the end. But be warned, the answers do not offer rationale. Also students shouldn't rely on this as their sole resource for studying.

  • Coach pest solutions - Payroll: Da Bomb!!!

    This enhanced payroll is great as it reminds you when to pay employees, keep track of all payees, keep track on check stubs & how to review them from an employee & employer perspective. Accurate & secure.....AWESOME!!!

  • John Sheppard - Does not work in the least for me

    I. Spent a ton of money for this product in the fervent hope and prayer that it would be at least somewhat helpful. It does NOTHING at all to help my arthritic pain! Thank goodness I can get my money back! I have found that ASPERCREAM is just as useless, but cheaper! They both do,the same thing: bring blood to the pain area. Like many if not most people, I need something which will numb or kill the BONE pain associated with zero cartilage! Oh well, I tried, rolled the dice and lost on this roll. But you may have different results. Good luck!

  • mike hill - I admit it...

    I too, against every bad review I read about this product got sucked in to buying this. It simply makes no logical or scientific sense that strapping a giant "ace bandage" around your waist would result in any weight loss. 2 comments; how can they continue to advertise/sell this thing without legal recourse, even pitchman Kevin Tradeau was tossed in jail for false weight loss claim products. Also, I'm wearing the goofy thing as I write this which is causing me to laugh hysterically, maybe laughter will result in weight loss????....

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