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Emord & Associates, P.C. | Constitutional & Administrative Lawyers - FDA Lawyer Jonathan Emord has defeated the food and drug administration more times in federal court than any other attorney in American history.

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  • Karen JG - Steamy romance that doesn't sacrifice a plot or great characters

    I don't normally read "steamy" romances, since most of the ones I've tried are more steam than plot. Ruby's works are different - lots of steam, yes, but not at the expense of an engaging plot and well-defined and well-rounded characters. (Disclaimer, I got to read an advance copy as part of the typo hunting team.) The sex scenes are explicit, but not crude, and totally within the boundaries of plot development. Like her Mandrake Company science fiction series (first book, 

  • BritneyS - Works for a short time

    I don't think this product is worth the hype. I can't see much difference in my bad breath compared to normal mouthwash. The bad breath still returns no matter how much I use of this. I'm sorry but not buying again.

  • Amazon Customer - Not as good as I hoped.

    This compuer is pretty slow. Loses connection with wlan. Was able to gain some speed by deleting McAfee. NOTE: You cannot do this: Memory:: (Memory RAM Expandable To 8 GB) . No. The RAM is built in. There is no expansion slot.

  • Janet Hershovitz - Great product

    This product is great to use while traveling, cleansing at change of seasons or whenever you get that sluggish, bloated feeling. Very effective and good for long term use.

  • Pat A. Fisher - Softer, smoother skin.

    I saw these products at a mall and they wanted big bucks to buy them.. I found them here on Amazon for a fraction of the cost. I have less open pours and it leaves my skin so soft.. use it with the day cream. I hardly wear any make up since ive been using these products.

  • Susan B. - THIS SH!T WORKS!!!! Thank God!

    9/1/14 So far so good. It seems promising. I have been suffering from bad breath ever since I found I out I had Cancer in my throat area. And since the surgery and subsequent radiation treatment, I have developed tonsil stones that I could NOT get rid of on any long term basis. After searching and searching, I finally found out about this and it seems to be working well. I have only been using it for two days but so far so good. My biggest critic is my 6yr old and he says my breath smells like toothpaste now. The first night I used it, I could taste the bad breath from my throat trying to break through but in just a few seconds, whatever is in this kept fighting it and keeping the taste away. And it is true, you will not have morning breath. This works for at least 12-hours at a time. Thank you Dr. Katz. I bought mine from Wal-Mart for $7.67. I noticed the toothpaste was the same price but I didn't buy it. I am using baking soda for toothpaste and a spoon for a tongue scraper. I have been using salt-water as a pre-rinse before brushing. I will be stopping this soon and see how just flossing, brushing and rinsing with this works.

  • Indie Filmdude - Best filament on the market.

    The only 100% non-clogging filament I've ever worked with! This stuff is completely worth the price. It's the only stuff we'll print with any more.

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