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  • James Sexton - Faint praise: I didn't turn it off...

    I am going to keep this short. This was not the worst movie I have ever seen, however it was pretty bad. The story line was... well... ridiculous. The special effects were too over the top. Throughout the entire film I kept thinking the effects, while on one level were impressive, they were so unrealistic that they suspended my 'suspension of disbelief'. The movie really did deserve one star, but as I recently sat through "Furry Vengeance" I could not in good conscience lump it at the same level.

  • Steve K. - Cheaper than I bargained for

    Took 2 weeks to ship via Prime. Upon arrival and after charging, only one of the two earbuds worked. To make matters worse, the one earbud that did work kept cutting in and out. The connection was horrible-- songs and voice calls would constantly skip.

  • Product Junkie - Wonderful Product- High Price :(

    I was looking for something to help me drop some pounds and decided to try this after reading all the positive reviews (all over the web). I started drinking it on Thursday (4 days ago). I only had one shake that day to try it. The best way to describe the taste, for me anyway is if you ground up plain cherrios. I have tried it a few different ways either with a 3-4 oz of almond or coconut milk (vanilla or chocolate unsweetened). When using almond milk, I do ice, almond milk, filtered water, 1 pack of stevia, about a teaspoon of ceylon cinnamon and some real vanilla extract. It is not yummy but it is not awful. It definitely fills me up for several hours. It also has made my skin look good and my digestion is better in the past few days than it had been in YEARS. After the first day, I started on 2 shakes per day breakfast and lunch. Yesterday I used a little bit of chocolate coconut milk, coconut oil and the Almased, no stevia required. Today, I tried a new recipe, I made it up: "Almond Joy" I used a 3oz coconut milk, filtered water, 1 tsp coconut oil, a tsp of almond butter and a little bit of coconut extract. It wasn't bad. I am really glad I found Almased because it makes me feel really good, a lot of energy and no negative side effects. The only negative about this product is the price. I am sure many would agree it is super high for one canister, which does not contain many servings, a week or so depending on the number of scoops you have to use. I have been using only 5-7 tbs, compared to the 8tbs I am supposed to be using. I have great hope that this will help me get to my goal weight...FINALLY! I will update my review periodically to record weight loss.

  • Kelsey Koff - Either way it is a great quality book that ever Med student should have

    Must have book for medical school. This book gives you everything you need to know for the first 2 years of medical school. Some people use it as they go through the classes, annotating and adding as they take the course, while others wait until their dedicated study period to read through. Either way it is a great quality book that ever Med student should have. Also much cheaper on amazon then other places!

  • llyybbss - It didn't work:(

    I bought 1 bottle, and took it faithfully as instructed while conbining excercise and good diet, but it didn't aid the fat loss process. I usually work out and eat healthy, and hoping that this product will accelereate the last 20 lbs that i wanted to loose after hitting a plateau, but unfortunately, it did nothing. It is like all other products out there, it's a hit or a miss. It's up to you if you want to spend $30 to give it a try.

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