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ENLAKE Medical & Laboratory Refrigeration - Australia's largest online medical & laboratory refrigeration store with a huge range of vaccine fridges, lab fridges & freezers from big name manufacturers

  • http://www.enlake.com.au/about-enlake.html About ENLAKE - ENLAKE - ENLAKE is a specialist medical and laboratory refrigeration supplier with comprehensive product coverage and detailed product knowledge.
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/medical-fridges-freezers/ Medical Fridges and Freezers - ENLAKE - Medical Fridges and Medical Freezers from ENLAKE. Come and explore our massive range of medical refrigeration equipment.
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/vaccine-fridges/ Vaccine Fridges - ENLAKE the vaccine refrigerator specialist - ENLAKE has Australia's biggest range of vaccine fridges and vaccine fridge accessories
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/medical-freezers/ Medical Freezers - ENLAKE - Come and look at ENLAKE's massive range of medical freezers and accessories.
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/insulin-fridges/ Insulin Fridges - ENLAKE - Insulin fridges are specifically designed for storing insulin at the appropriate temperature. They are similar to vaccine fridges, but they don't have as many bells and whistles and hence are substantially cheaper
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/pharmacy-fridges-freezers/ Pharmacy Fridges and Freezers - ENLAKE - Pharmacy Fridges, Pharmaceutical Fridges and Pharmacy Freezer as well as pharmaceutical storage related items including data loggers and min/max thermometers .
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/pharmacy-fridges/ Pharmacy Fridges - ENLAKE Pharmacy Refrigerators - ENLAKE Refrigeration has a comprehensive range of Pharmacy Fridges. ENLAKE pharmacy refrigerators are Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCCP
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/pharmacy-freezers/ Pharmacy Freezers - ENLAKE - Pharmacy Freezers are specifically designed for use by pharmacies and for storing pharmaceuticals. ENLAKE offers a range of pharmacy freezers manufactured by Nuline Refrigeration.
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/laboratory-fridges-freezers/ Laboratory Fridges, Freezers and other lab products - ENLAKE - ENLAKE's range of laboratory products include fridges, freezers, incubators and ovens
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/laboratory-fridges/ Laboratory Fridges - ENLAKE Refrigerators - ENLAKE has a laboratory fridge to meet your needs. Laboratory Refrigerators for temp sensitive lab products, flamables & custom requirements.
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/laboratory-freezers/ Laboratory Freezers - ENLAKE Lab Freezers - ENLAKE's comprehensive range of laboratory freezers for storing laboratory products. Lab Freezers for storing flammable & non-flammable chemicals
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/combination-laboratory-fridge-freezers/ Combination Laboratory Fridge / Freezers - ENLAKE - Combination laboratory fridge/freezers. These two door laboratory units have one compartment as a refrigerator and one as a freezer
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/spark-free-fridges-freezers/ Spark Free Fridges and Freezers - ENLAKE - Spark Free fridges and freezers for the storage of flammable products. These fridges all have a spark free interior with no lights, fans or thermostats.
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/laboratory-temperature-and-humidity-cabinets/ Laboratory Temperature and Humidity Cabinets - ENLAKE - Laboratory Temperature and Humidity Cabinets offer accurate and precise control of temperature and humidity. These high performance Temperature and Humidity Cabinets have the ability to perform heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification functions
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/mortuary-cabinets/ Mortuary Cabinets - ENLAKE - ENLAKE's Mortuary range is designed and manufactured in Australia. Our mortuary cabinets offer many advantages.
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/mortuary-fridges/ Mortuary Fridges - ENLAKE - Austalian made mortuary refrigerators and bariatric (obese) mortuary fridges for use in hospital morgues and funeral homes.
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/mortuary-lifters/ Mortuary Lifters - ENLAKE - Battery powered mortuary lifters to be used in conjunction with Nuline mortuary cabinets
  • http://www.enlake.com.au/autopsy-tables/ Autopsy Tables - ENLAKE - ENLAKE has a variety of Autopsy Tables all constructed from AISI 304. These include:- Basic autopsy table- Basic autopsy table with wheels- Professional autopsy table- Aspirated elevating autopsy table- Elevating autopsy table- Aspirated autopsy table- Elevating and rotating (90°) autopsy tablePlease contact ENLAKE on 1800 094 259 to discuss your requirements and we shall prepare a quotation for you.

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  • Heisenberg - Cured my cancer!!!

    I got cancer and had no money for treatment. I started making and selling meth and bought the TV. The radiation which came out of this TV worked as chemotherapy and cured my cancer too.

  • Raynard C. Vinson - Price too High

    This is a great product. I use it everyday. The problem? This item can be had for $10.57 at Wal-Mart and its website. Don't be lulled into paying 2 times the price just to have it shipped to your home.

  • David Bixler - Solid product.

    Works as advertised with accurate squeeze and release. No spray globbing at nozzle. I'm applying Rustoleum flat white primer, flat black, and glow in the dark as well as clearcoat. Follow the directions on the can, snap this sucker on the top, test spray to make sure the can is oriented right, and then have at it. The handle is comfortable for big projects, very little hand fatigue. I've used it for about 4 hours worth of painting now, and it's not showing any signs of wear. Good job.

  • elizabeth5058 - satisfied

    There is no magic pill for weight loss. I needed a boost for my diet/ exercise program. I like this product and will buy it again.

  • sleuth - Quicken doesn't get it!

    All one has to do is read this years review, thus far, and compare it with those of the past. Not much progress. It appears their designers are not particularly good and management doesn't appear to listen. Yes, when it works it is a good piece of software but, with all those bad reviews over the years and no change, it appears Intuit might benefit from an entirely new management team

  • Darla G. - Good.

    I have been looking for a study guide to help me with my studying for my HESI that I will taking this fall semester hoping to get into nursing school, although I have not actually taken the test yet I am currently studying to take it in the fall of this year. I have so far found this study guide to be quite helpful, there is sections of each category like math, English, bio.. etc. and in each section there is an explanation and some examples and then mock test questions. This book is still very new to me and like I have said I am still studying and have not made it all the way through the book. I did browse the book entirely before I started to study so I could get an idea or a feel for what I am going to be tested on. I really like this book so far and so far I have found it very helpful. I understand all of the examples and the instructions that are given, so I have found none of the material so far to be confusing or hard to understand. I'm hoping this is what I need to pass, I did look over the reviews and decided to go with this book. I would recommend this book based on what I know so far. Wish me luck! " I received this free or at a discount in lieu for my honest and unbiased review"

  • Thrifty Shopper - Bad Purchase

    My computer hard drive crashed 6 months after I bought this product,It was strange this company just sent me a number on a red piece of paper to set up the product,and an email address when I logged in it was in a foreign language ??? It worked fine up to that point.I set up the Microsoft account just like instructed..... I had to start using my wife's laptop and it would not work on her laptop.They sent me several new numbers to make it work .... but I never could get it to work and they quit corresponding with me.**** Bad Purchase !!!!! ***** I feel like I threw away $280 !! I went and purchased office 365 at a major store for less money and it works perfect and is good for ever.******** I wish I could get back the money I wasted !!! ******** I love Amazon and am sad this happened.

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