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Equiculture Homepage - Equiculture is an information rich website. Equiculture is about developing responsible horse ownership/management. Responsible horse ownership starts with knowledge. Aim to be knowledgeable about subjects such as horse care and welfare, horse behaviour and training, safety, and of course, land management.

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  • http://www.equiculture.com.au/equiculture-about-us.html Equiculture About us - My name is Jane Myers and I hold an MSc in Equine Science, I am also known as the Horse Rider’s Mechanic and I run a business, Equiculture with my partner Stuart Myers. Equiculture (www.equiculture.com.au) promotes responsible, sustainable and ethical horse ownership through education. This includes safety, welfare, horse management practices and environmental management.
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  • http://www.equiculture.com.au/horses-and-the-environment.html Horses and the environment - All about how horses can be good for the environment, if they are managed correctly.
  • http://www.equiculture.com.au/your-horse-property-farm.html Your horse property/farm - If you have a horse property/farm, you will want to learn more about how to manage it, if you do not have a horse property yet, we have a book that will help you to make the right decisions, you can read the begining of this book for free on this website.
  • http://www.equiculture.com.au/buy-horse-ownership-responsible-sustainable-ethical.html Equiculture - Horse Ownership Responsible Sustainable Ethical - With horse ownership come great responsibility; we have a responsibility to manage our horses to the best of our ability and to do this sustainably and ethically.  Horse keeping has changed dramatically in the last 30 to 40 years and there are many new challenges facing contemporary horse owners. The modern domestic horse is now much more likely to be kept for leisure purposes than for work…

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    Loved the sex scenes. The story lines was very different from norm but nice. Glad it worked out so well for the characters. I'm used to reading bout step siblings getting together and not step parent/child.

  • B. P. Crues - Underwhelmed

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    I didn't like this product at all. It was greasy. I didn't see any difference after about 1 month. My scalp didn't feel soothed or tingly or anything. I am not convinced it worked at all.

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