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  • Country Lady - Good explanation of insulin resistance but nothing new in food plan

    This book doesn't really have anything new or different. It tells you to eat lean meat, beans, and lowfat cheeses for proteins and eat a balanced diet if fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy, and lean meats. Too much emphasis is placed in nonfat and sugar-free foods. If you are like me and do not eat very much processed foods, this won't be helpful. I was hoping for something new that would help insulin resistance without medication, but this wasn't what I was looking for. If you don't understand what insulin resistance is this book does a good job of explaining it.

  • Daniel H. McKinley - Bicycle Helmet Cam

    While this video camera is a generation old from Tachyon the quality of the video is exactly as needed to record a bicycle ride. The size and mounting options are excellent and while you can notice the weight on your helmet it is not cumbersome. However, the downside is the battery life. I have been unable to find Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries locally and financially I cannot justify spending $10 a day for disposable batteries. I attempted to buy and use rechargeable AAA batteries but the longest amount of time I can record is 20 minutes. Unfortunately most of my bike rides are at least an hour in length and many rides stretch beyond 2 hours. It was my hope to document my rides in the event I experienced another accident but the battery life issue has turned this camera into a paperweight on the desk.

  • A Writer With Guts - Hawaiian girls DON'T have blond hair !

    I love American Girl dolls, and even though I am an adult, I have a few for myself. I have bought many for gifts and have always thought highly of the doll-book combination for educational value and the fact that they make dolls that represent the different ethnic groups that are present in real life-BUT I live in Hawaii (I am an anthropologist) and there are NO real blond, true Hawaiian women. Why would the American Girl Company make such a blunder? They did not give their African-American girl doll blond hair-so why so with the Hawaiian? I am very disappointed in them for doing such a thing. It is hard enough to get realistic ethnic looking dolls-darker skins, curlier type hair, different shaped eyes-as most dolls are made blond hair and blue eyes. (A funny thing since the majority of the worlds population has dark brown to black hair and dark brown eyes). Boo American Girl for the "whitening" of their Hawaiian girl doll. She should have dark brown eyes and hair and nice, dark tan skin. This doll is a big disappointment and I won't be purchasing any. I contacted American Girl regarding this but have not had a reply.

  • Sam2705 - Damaged Badly

    I bought this for my mom cause she collects Barbie dolls and it was badly damaged. Scratches and big dents all in the box. This is just a terrible gift I will never buy from here again.


    One of the best Running shoes ive owned in my entire lifetime, i just bought a pair of nike free 5.0 100 dollar shoes, and it wasnt as good as these shoes. The shoes itself provided outstanding support and i could feel it rock me forward while running, and are very durable (lasted me for more than half a year and i run at least 25 miles a month and i use it on a daily basis for regular wear). My suggestion is to try these shoes out at the store first then buy it online cause shoe sizes aren't really universal for most shoe brands.

  • melprod - They look nice (earned the 1 star)

    They look nice (earned the 1 star), but I've been wearing Nike sneakers for ever and my size never changes from a 7.5 no matter what version of sneaker I buy, including the pair of Flex I currently own. These fit more like an 8 and are not the Nike comfort or material I am used to wearing. This has me questioning the authenticity of the sneakers I received. I'm going to keep them at work to throw on when needed and hit a real store for another pair. Big disappointment and I will never buy apparel on Amazon again.

  • C. Brad Sharp - Fit perfect. Best floor mats period

    Perfect fit. Fast shipping. Just love them. The best floor mats I've ever seen, plus made in the good old USA. Just love " Merican made " !!!!!

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