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  • Susanne Johnson - Terrible products!

    I will make this brief. Even when I am not thrilled with a product, I will use it up because I spent the money on it, and won't purchase it again. However, I have thus far tossed out 2 Orogold products. The first was an exfoliating product that was so gummy I could not get it off of my skin or hair easily. They want you to believe that the little rolled up pieces that come about when the product is applied and rubbed in is your dead skin being removed. It is the drying product, and it's very difficult to remove.


    I believe this a "must read" by every American. The author did extensive research in writing this book. It's about activities of the free masons and the number of our founding fathers who were involved in free masonry. Also about the future of America and the world in regards to trans humanism, robots, about the many similarities between the United States and the Vatican and free masons' involvement in both, about the anti-Christ, the last Pope who will be ushering the anti-Christ, etc. A real eye opener. Tom Horn did an excellent job in writing this book. Thank you, Mr. Horn, for sharing your findings with us.

  • Joel Hachet - cheap

    It does two things really well, keeps me full keeps me happy, Sometimes dieting is the worst but i never went hungry on was unhappy, there is no magical pill to help you lose weight, its all good diet and exercise, but this takes the sting out of dieting.

  • vickywog - Love it!

    I just used this for the first time tonight and first off love the size, was going to go one size smaller but so glad I got this one, perfect for everything I want to do. Next, it looks like I haven't even cut on it, I mean it's only been abused for 1/2 hour but none of the cuts show, and I love that it's double sided lasting me longer. Doesn't slip and slide, overall wonderful mat.

  • Rosemary Sieracki - Disappointing Product

    I have been using Nioxin products for five years or so, since I first noticed my hair was thinning. I have always been very satisfied with the results. I bought this product because it was new and just don't think it's worth the fairly high price. Packaging is deceptive; e.g.,the outer bottle is twice as big as the inner bottle and I was annoyed by that. Used as directed, the product has not lasted.

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