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  • Amazon Customer - Bigger loads! Shoot farther! Better orgasms!!

    This product is the real thing! Just on the first day you can feel the effects! Just by taking it a few days in a row, you are horny all the time, as well as having bigger explosions! I've taken it for about a week now, and my member refuses to let down all the way, it stays on the "chubby" side. But when I see something that excites me...well, its "hard" not to notice! My semen volume has definitely increased to levels they haven't been since I was a teenager. More volume and they shoot farther too! And with more volume comes a better pleasure with the release! I love it and for $20 a bottle, it is worth it! It has worked for me and I am 110% satisfied with this product! If you have any questions about the product, please ask!

  • Will Hocksteader - Worked as advertised.

    I had an old mid-80s shower stall. I actually have the skills to replace the shower pan, but it was such a shame to replace it just because it was slightly discolored. I used this kit and applied two coats and it looked like new. It has been used daily for 5 months and still looks great. I even replaced the shower doors and it looked like a completely new renovation. My only negative comment would be that this mixes to the consistency of water. Maybe they do that so it can soak into any and every crack but in the case of my project I wish it had gone on a little thicker. Because it didn't go on thick, one coat was not enough and the old stains were still showing so I needed to apply a second coat. As for coverage, the shower pan was the size of a bath tub and even after two coats I still had 3/4 of the paint left. Unfortunately, I could not apply any more for the next 24 hours and since the 3/4 of can would harden before I could use it again, it had to go in the trash. In hindsight I should have mixed the product in a separate container. My guess that if you're doing a full bath tub you will easily have enough for two full coats or more. Also on any project if you want to do more than two coats, get two kits or do what I didn't and mix the product in a separate container because you cannot apply three coats before the mixed product hardens. As for applying the product I used a mini roller and it worked well.

  • VikE137 - Not for a big pool

    We have a 15,000 gallons pool and we have the strongest filter system on the market...every time we would try to hook up this vacuum our filter system would automatically shut itself off...not for us...

  • gigi - Awesome and safe for dogs with cancer!

    Got this for my dog that has mast cell cancer. Needed something safe from chemicals , natural for her. Works great, cleans well without stripping natural oils, keeps fleas away, and she smells great too. It did not bother her tumors either. Great product will order again

  • Sharon W - Don't make you sick and easy to swallow

    I got this vitamins for my dad and my brother. My dad has been very healthy and he's been wanting to get good vitamins to maintain his good visions. My brother on the other side has been using glasses every day especially when he has to do school work. I decided to get this for them because I believe this vitamins would help them.

  • mommylove - Great option

    This is a great option for parental control for people like me who really wonder how to cover all aspects of the net with few allowances.

  • kay collins - Still got it after all these years

    after all these years still as entertaining as ever for playing with kids! The 5 yr old loves this as much as many video games and tv shows so it's doing exactly what it should be doing......making family game night awesome and loaded with fond memories

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