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ExpoGlobal Group is provider of Exhibition stands in Europe, Russia and Middle East - We have been doing exhibition stands for a long time with our highly skilled and motivated workforce. Exhibitions in dubai, Exhibition stands Dubai, Exhibition stands UAE, Exhibition stands Middle East.

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  • Robert - Not bad for the price!

    I bought a used 50" Seiki TV from a local pawn shop over the weekend. I didn't recognize the brand so I was a very skeptical about getting it. I looked at other tv's there, LG, Sony, etc. I was all ready to buy the LG tv that was next to the Seiki but I noticed the picture quality on the Seiki was so much better than the other tv's. The sales clerk talked me into getting the Seiki. I absolutely love the picture quality on this tv. It is a used Seiki that was manufactured in August of 2012. Reading the reviews here makes me a little nervous but considering the tv is now over a year old and still works great, I think I can rest a little easier. My only complaint with this TV is the sound quality is very poor. Sounds like its coming out of a tin can. I connected a set of external pc surround sound speakers and it sounds great however the volume controls don't work for external sound. So now I have to move my stereo receiver into the living room in order to control the volume on the external speakers. Other than that I love this tv.

  • JoyInSoul - Not Worth the Money

    This book was written to capitalize on the hype surrounding the 2012 movie. If you already know about the Mayan calendar, don't buy this book. If your eschatological position is of a pre-millennial, pre-tribulation rapture and you already know why you believe that, don't buy this book. For anyone else, you may find this book interesting or disagree with what the author says.

  • J. Pady - Warning: Bug calls you a convicted felon when taking Education Credit!

    If you're claiming tuition as a deduction (Education Credits), there is a bug that automatically checks Box 26 as YES - "Was the student convicted, before the end of 2012, of a felony for possession or distribution of a controlled substance?" H&R Block At Home Deluxe never asks that question when entering your info. So open up Form 8866 and make sure that box isn't checked before you e-File. Information like that tends to get stuck in databases and follow you around.

  • Staci Kaczmarek - Great book! Brings new life to the story.

    This is such a great book. I love the idea to have these illustrated now. This is an exciting time for Potter fans which brings new life to these stories. I also appreciate the fact that the illustrations are not based on the characters in the movies, but rather on the book with imagination.

  • John - Four Stars

    Seem to be working well. Pool has been clear all summer even without shocking (although it's been a cool summer). A couple of the tabs were broken, but only a very small amount. Shipping was incredibly fast (next day, although I live very close to their warehouse). Will likely purchase again.!

  • Gretchen - Brandon: Watch the movie!

    If you watched the movie with Ted Neeley, Carl Anderson, Yvonne Elliman as Jesus, Judas and Mary Magdalene respectively,and others, you would see that they do have the Crucifixion; that is the song called "John 19:41". Better yet, is the DVD/VIDEO with Glenn Carter, most recently as JCS Broadway 2000's Jesus, and Tony Vincent as Judas, you will see an even better portrayal of the Crucifixion {of which I had the glorious opportunity to see

  • Tom Nagel - below average results

    this product did work,just not as fast as promised. Did not completly erase the bumps and dark spots as good as I would of liked. It was the best product that I have found so far for the problem. Still looking for a better cure to the damage of in grown hairs and bumbs

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