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EXTRÊME LIMITE | KLIM | GOPRO | 509 | - Equipement pour moto neige avec klimquebec   distributeur en équipement moto neige de plusieurs marques et d’accessoires de sport. Le spécialiste de l’équipement pour moto neige au Québec

Country:, North America, CA

City: -72.6667 Quebec, Canada

  • stephanie - Loved it!!

    Works great I seen results after one week was down 7 pounds but I followed a 1200 calorie diet and exercise every day!!

  • Erik Northern - very nice treadmill

    My wife loves this machine. Took me about an hour to piece it together. It feels very durable, and i dont believe it's all that loud. it's very easy to maintenance and adjust. I had shopped these for a while and was considering the Nordictrak as well. Really, i found there to be little comparison on how much better built the Sole machines were, but the nordictrack was always on same and the sole... well not so much. It's worth the extra money if you're serious about a quality treadmill.

  • longfortruthalways - The NABRE

    When I first got the NABRE, I was delighted at how well it works with the Kindle touch. The chapter scrolling works well, easy to navigate. In relation to some minor details I noticed in reading Sirach 24 (Ben Sira as it is listed)that the verse numbering is off. Verses 18 and 24 seem to be skipped however the chapter goes to verse 33 rather than 31 so all verses are there just numbered wrong.

  • John - Recommend this camcorder!

    A great camera - especially for the price. We love to take videos underwater and it's great that it fits easily in my pocket and is very durable. Takes nice videos. We've had it for a year and it's started to act up a tiny bit, but it's still working well.

  • CDeterding - Mistake in listing, but the issue was quickly resolved

    This product listing is outdated and this item only comes with one carbonating bottle, rather than two, as SodaStream reconfigured the starter kit. We were briefly disappointed when the shipment arrived, but our interactions with Metropolitans Warehouse over the issue were prompt, courteous and reasonable. The situation was resolved to our satisfaction, and I would definitely purchase from this seller again--the purchase arrived quickly and in good condition. The fresh seltzer is great!

  • Alaska Guy - It works pretty well repurposing old pallet boards

    I bought this for woodworking in our small school. It works pretty well repurposing old pallet boards.

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