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False Creek Healthcare Centre Vancouver - False Creek Healthcare Clinics/Departments: Surgical & Specialist, Diagnostics (MRI/CT/Ultrasound), Plastic Surgery & Medspa, Health Assessments,

  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/about/ About Us | False Creek Healthcare - To improve the standards of health care in Vancouver and B.C by achieving excellence in patient quality of care.
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/about/facility/ Our Facility | False Creek Healthcare - A independent hospital in downtown Vancouver. Our facility houses the Medical Clinic, Advanced Diagnostics, Surgical Centre, and Plastic Surgery Centre.
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/about/doctors/ Our Doctors | False Creek Healthcare - Directory of highly qualified, board-certified surgeons at our Vancouver Healthcare Centre.
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/about/testimonials/ Patient Testimonials | False Creek Healthcare - False Creek Healthcare Centre patient testimonials. Learn more about the positive impact we have had on patient's lives across Canada.
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/about/blog/false-creek-healthcare-blog/ False Creek Healthcare Blog | False Creek Healthcare - False Creek Healthcare Blog - Learn about upcoming events, our doctors, as well as the latest in medical procedures and treatments.
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/about/blog/patient-blogs/ Patient Blogs | False Creek Healthcare - The personal blogs of our patients. Their personal accounts of CCSVI, multiple sclerosis, and the Lap-Band.
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/services/ Services by Department | False Creek Healthcare - A wide range of health care services and procedures are available at Falsecreek Healthcare Centre.
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/services/services-by-specialty/ Services by Specialty or Department | False Creek Healthcare - List of services at False Creek Healthcare Centre in Vancouver by specialty and department: Plastic Surgery, Advanced Diagnostics, Orthopaedic Surgery,
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/services/surgical-centre/ False Creek Surgical Centre | False Creek Healthcare - False Creek Surgical Centre surgeons in Vancouver are available for a broad spectrum of procedures ranging from lumbar, orthopedic, general, and plastic surgery
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/services/executive-health/ Executive Health Clinic in Vancouver | False Creek Healthcare - Executive Health Program: A personalized health assessment to uncover undetected medical problems and potential risk factors. At False Creek Healthcare Centre
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/services/advanced-diagnostics/ Diagnostics Centre | False Creek Healthcare - Vancouver Diagnostic Centre providing state of the art technology for Brain MRI, Breast MRI, Prostate MRI, MRV, CT Scan, CCTA Cardiac Scan, X-Ray, Ultrasound.
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/services/health-programs/ Wellness Programs | False Creek Healthcare - Wellness Programs are customized preventive health programs: Executive health, Cardiac Protection, Obesity Help and more health programs in Vancouver, B.C.
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/services/specialists/ Specialists - Non-Surgical | False Creek Healthcare - The expertise of our physicians combined with advanced diagnostic, non-surgical and surgical services make our centre one of the most sophisticated and
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/services/family-practice/ Family Practice in Vancouver | False Creek Healthcare - Family Practice at Vancouver Healthcare Centre. Just 500 families for each family doctor to ensure quality care. Our Team: Dr. Fineman, Dr. Kirker, Dr. Venter.
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/community/ Community | False Creek Healthcare - Interact with other patients or with our doctors using our blog, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/community/newsletter/ Newsletter | False Creek Healthcare - Sign up for the monthly False Creek Healthcare Newsletter, win an Apple Ipad 3, get health tips and advice.
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/community/affiliates/ Affiliates | False Creek Healthcare - Affiliates for False Creek Healthcare Centre - False Creek Healthcare Centre in Vancouver has a number of affiliates and partners that we are proud to be
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/faq/ FAQ | False Creek Healthcare - Frequently Asked Questions by our patients. Learn how consultations work, about financing, how we operate, how fast surgery can take place and more.
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/contact/ Contact | False Creek Healthcare - False Creek Healthcare Centre is located in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
  • http://www.falsecreekhealthcare.com/services/urgent-care-centre/ Vancouver Medical Clinic - MRI Scan, CT Scan, Ultrasound and X-Ray. Treatment of Minor and Acute injuries and Private Family Practice Clinic. - Medical Clinic staffed by Family and Emergency Physicians, part of False Creek Healthcare in Vancouver, with on site access to MRI Scan, CT Scan, Ultrasound and

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