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Farmacias | Farmatodo | Amplio surtido en medicinas de patente, alta especialidad, leches para bebé, y mucho más, descuentos - En Farmatodo le ofrecemos medicamentos para cuidar su salud a los mejores precios. En nuestras farmacias podrá conseguir los mejores descuentos con membresia twogether en Antibioticos, analgesicos, medicamentos genericos y hospitalarios. Consulte nuestra lista de sucursales y zonas de servicio a domicilio. En Farmatodo nuestra misión llevar salud e higiene de manera amigable a los precios más bajos con los mejores recursos humanos y técnicos

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  • A.Dream - Works On All Sorts of Things

    I buy this product from my local Meijers and I love it! I picked it up as an impulse buy while going through the ethnic products section because I'd always been curious about tea tree oil. I'd been having issues with acne and other things. I use it on any acne I have and it always calms it right down. If I get a cut or scrape, I put this oil on. I have always healed slowly and easily get infections, but I heal much faster and without any infection when I use this product. I started using it on my navel piercing and it keeps it moving freely as well as taking care of any irritation or infection trying to become established in the area. It's a very dry oil and I use it on my face and body where ever I'm hesitant to use even a gentle moisturizer because I never break out when I use this. I also have eczema and I've noticed that this product calms that right down as well. I started using this product after shaving and/or using depilatory creams and have noticed less irritation than normal.

  • beanbutt - My hair is getting longer, however I purchase the ...

    My hair is getting longer, however I purchase the product for more fullness and I'm not seeing that right now. But I'm only on the first bottle and I have cut the ends of my hair twice since I have started to take the vitamin. So far as side effects, when I first start to take the vitamins I did experience some headaches, but it could have the result of me not drinking coffee. I lost my taste for coffee. HOO-RAY, I will be ordering two more bottles. I'm willing to try them for three months to see if there is a difference in my hair, I am a license cosmetologist and I have tried every thing since my hair start to fall due aging and hormonal changes. I will update after my three months

  • The Reader - Best cold medicine ever!!!

    I purchased this product in Germany recently. Both times I have tried it I started taking the medicine at the first signs of a cold: runny nose, sore throat. You take one capsule in the AM, one at lunch and one at dinner for no more than 7 days. Best to take for 30 minutes BEFORE eating. Both times I used it my symptoms stopped within 3 days and I stopped taking it. Its the best cold medicine I have ever used!!!!!

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