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Fast Response School of Health Care Education - Fast Response offers the Bay Area's most comprehensive education and resources for healthcare professionals including entry-level courses, certifications, and continuing education units.

  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./contact/ Contact Fast Response - Contact and Location information for Fast Response School of Health Care Education
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./about/ About Fast Response - Fast Response School of Health Care Education offers postsecondary and continuing education classes. Learn about us here.
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./students/ Student Resources - Student Resources including Admissions documents, Continuing Education FAQs, Career Services, and course-specific resources and information.
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./courses/emt/ Emergency Medical Technician - The Emergency Medical Technician course at Fast Response is designed to teach students the skills needed to become exceptional certified EMTs.
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./courses/cpt/ Phlebotomy - The Certified Phlebotomy Technician course at Fast Response focuses on hands-on training to prepare students for a real career as a phlebotomist.
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./courses/cma/ Clinical Medical Assistant - Our Medical Assistant course prepares students to perform clinical procedures and includes Phlebotomy and a guaranteed externship.
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./courses/paramedic/ Paramedic Academy - The Fast Response Paramedic Academy's mission is to produce extraordinary, compassionate paramedics in a supportive learning environment.
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./courses/bls/ Basic Life Support CPR - Basic Life Support CPR for healthcare providers as approved by the AHA. We provide an upbeat environment and enthusiastic instructors.
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./courses/acls/ Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support - Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support as approved by the AHA. Low-stress classroom with a focus on a team approach to medical emergencies.
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./courses/pals/ Pediatric Advanced Life Support - Pediatric Advanced Life Support as approved by the AHA. Learn to recognize and prevent cardiopulmonary arrest in infants and children.
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./courses/ecg-b/ ECG Basic - Our Basic ECG course reviews the anatomy of the heart, then moves to ECG waveform recognition, lead placement, troubleshooting, and rhythm analysis.
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./courses/ecg-12/ ECG 12-Lead - Our 12-Lead ECG Interpretation course includes a systematic approach to interpreting 12-lead ECGs as well as anatomy, physiology, and lead placement.
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./courses/ecg-t/ ECG Technician - Our ECG Technician class offers thorough training including medical terminology, anatomy, diagnostic testing, and rhythm recognition.
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./courses/emt-r/ EMT Refresher - Our EMT Refresher course is designed for current EMTs who need continuing education units and skills testing for recertification.
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./courses/emt-s/ EMT Skills Verification - Our EMT Skills Verification is intended for current EMTs who need skills testing in order to recertify. Includes 3 hours of scenario-based testing.
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./courses/itls/ International Trauma Life Support - Our ITLS course combines classroom learning, hands-on skills, and assessment stations in simulated trauma scenarios.
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./courses/first-aid/ First Aid - Our First Aid course teaches a systematic approach for responding to most medical emergencies. Includes EMS-approved Pediatric First Aid.
  • http://www.fastresponse.org/./policies/ Fast Response Policies - Continuing education class policies, privacy policy, and website terms and conditions of use.

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