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Filtration Solution System | Filtro - Filtro provides extensive filtration solutions to a wide range of industries such as electronic, petrochemical, water treatment, food and beverage and more.

  • http://www.filtro.com.sg/products Fluid Filtration, Air Purification and Static Elimination Products | Filtro - Filtro offers a wide of range of products for compressed air purification, chemical, hydraulic and lubrication. We also offer filtration solutions to different industries.
  • http://www.filtro.com.sg/industries Industries | Filtro - Products are categorized by industries such as offshore, power, semiconductor, petrochemical, water treatment, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and green building.
  • http://www.filtro.com.sg/semiconductor semiconductor | Filtro - Other then Products Filtro provides an extensive filtration solutions to a wide range of industires such as electronic, petrochemical, water treatment, food and beverage and more
  • http://www.filtro.com.sg/latestnews Latest News & Events | Filtro - We want you to be updated on the latest technology in the field of filtration, purification and instrumentation. Check out our news and events page!
  • http://www.filtro.com.sg/contact-us Contact Us | Filtro - Visit Filtro at 7 Kallang Place, #04-08, Singapore 339153 or call us at +65-6392 2552 for any product related and general enquiries.
  • http://www.filtro.com.sg/product_listing/79 Air Operated Conveyors | Filtro - Filtro gives a wide variety of options on your air operated conveyors. You can choose either for high volumes of materials, small volumes and high temperature.
  • http://www.filtro.com.sg/product_listing/9 Precision Spray Nozzles | Filtro - Filtro is the company of choice for precision spray nozzles of different types such as pneumatic atomizing, hollow cone, full cone, flat fan and a lot more.

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  • Dale Winters - Newer is not better

    I had several of copies Printmaster going thru the tears with the upgrades and was always very satisfied with the programs. 2012 Platinum was a complete waste of money. All my saved projects from the past are not compatible with this version, there clip art files just plain suck. {Apparently they want you to go online and buy package bundles!!!) DO NOT WASTE your money.

  • Karen - Love it

    Super creamy with shakes!!! Best combo is 1/2 scoop to 1scoop with 1cup almond milk, add 1frozen banana and frozen berries and you will get the thickest shake ever

  • Terry B - I'm 50 and get poison ivy easily when touched - this is the ticket!

    I've had a rough go in the past with 2 or 3 hot showers to ease my itch, too much money on calamine, and washing all clothes, towels, and sheets so it won't spread to others in our family. It's cheaper to just by Zanfel and be done with it. Got poison ivy per usual on a little hike, on my arms, 24 hours later I had this zanfel, which I bought based on a women who did a video review of it, it was quick relief to the itch with one application/wash, and I could tell it neutralized the poisen oil and stopped it from causing me more itching. The blistering skin began to dry and heal. I felt the itch slightly 8 hours later, it could have just been the healing process of my skin - not sure, did another wash, and that was it. I really really wish I knew of this earlier in life, and so does my dear wife. Thanks Zanfel.

  • Monica Rodriguez - Toxic as hell

    2 of my 3 dogs got intoxicated by using this first one got fever and drooled a lot a day took him to the vet and got some general medal because it wasn't clear what was happening later the other dog started the same I bathe them and removed the collar and they were fine after that removed the collar from the 3rd dog just in case the 2 intoxicated dog were poodles the other one is a schnauzer please don't use them on your dogs

  • RJD-257 - THE Leader in Shaving Products - bar none

    As someone who's been shaving for 30+ years, I've used other products - from the cheap aerosol in a can to more expensive contemporaries of this product. The Art of Shaving Shaving Oil & Shaving Cream are the outstanding winners. They have a thick consistency, with a formulation that protects the skin, while offering a slick surface for razors to glide on. The company's commitment to quality extends to containers and packaging. Highly Recommended for everyone !!!

  • Brian Thomas - Does it matter?

    Enjoyable, a quick read, occasionally amusing. The thing is, no one will have their minds changed by this. It would be interesting to see what the enthusiastic swallowers of the bogus Obama "exposes " think of this, but I doubt that it would amount to caustic, angry, sad and perhaps perverse entertainment for the left. In sum, while diverting, this is just another vignette of how great and rancorous the present political divide is in this country.

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