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  • Richard Adcock - This Tester Really Works

    I bought this to check some circuits in a home I was selling. The inspector wrote up a couple of electric outlets that did not have power. I know I saved at least $100 by locating the problems and fixing them myself. This tester is easy to read and very useful.

  • Daniel - Terrible. Sound cuts in and out constantly from day 1. Returned it on day 2.

    Don't even bother getting these. Sync to bluetooth devices cuts in and out constantly. Can't listen to music more than 2-3 seconds because it cuts out. Also, volume control can't be done. It's either your eardrum explodes or go mute. With the sound cutting off so bad, you'd probably like it to be mute and use it as an earplug instead of bluetooth earbuds. Just, don't waste your time and money.

  • ethan - The game is fine. I just never got the pre-order bonuses promised ...

    The game is fine. I just never got the pre-order bonuses promised by the advertisement, the Hellfighter pack and the pre-order exclusive Playstation theme. Pretty disappointing.

  • J. Pickard - The smell alone is a deal breaker...

    This product is awful. It doesn't matter to me if it kills the fleas because the smell is unbearable and I cannot continue to use it. I tried it on one of my cats because she seemed the most bothered by fleas and she is miserable from it. She keeps acting very agitated and twitching her back. I have tried to wash it off her twice and the smell is still overwhelming. After reading the other 1 star reviews I am praying it does not make her sick. But just from the smell alone I could not continue to use it. With 6 cats it would just be too awful.

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