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Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Urgent Care Facility - We have three convenient Urgent Care facilities. All three are located in Southwest Missouri (Springfield, Nixa, and Republic)

  • https://www.fmwic.com/bio/ Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Company Bio - We are an independently owned urgent care walk-in facility that was founded in 1997 in Southwest Missouri
  • https://www.fmwic.com/contact-us-missouri/ Family Medical Walk-in Clinics: Contact Us - Missouri - If your question is in regards to a medical emergency, please contact our office directly at 417-890-5550. If it is a life threatening emergency, call 911 IMMEDIATELY!
  • https://www.fmwic.com/doctors-and-providers-missouri/ Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Missouri Clinical Staff - Our Missouri clinical staff is composed of highly skilled and experienced physicians, physicians' assistants, and family nurse practitioners.
  • https://www.fmwic.com/employment/ Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Employment Opportunities - Interested in a job at Family Medical Walk-In Clinics? Just follow the link to see our current positions available or to submit a resume!
  • https://www.fmwic.com/testimonials/ Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Testimonies - Never been seen at our facility ? Look at what our previous patients have to say about us!
  • https://www.fmwic.com/family-medical-walk-in-clinics-services/ Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Services Offered - We offer Urgent Care, Primary Care, Non-Surgical Orthopedic Care, Work Related Services, and much more!
  • https://www.fmwic.com/flu-shots/ Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Flu Shots - We offer convenient flu shots that protect against influenza and complications of the flu, particularly for those at high risk.
  • https://www.fmwic.com/eye-injuries/ Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Eye Injury Services & Vision Screening Exams that meet DOT Requirements. - We evaluate and manage eye illnesses and injuries; including foreign body removal, splash injuries and eye irrigation. We also perform a variety of visions exams, including DOT vision test.
  • https://www.fmwic.com/hearing-tests/ Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Hearing Tests and Exams - We perform comprehensive automated and manual hearing exams in our certified sound booth at our Springfield, Missouri location
  • https://www.fmwic.com/laboratory-testing/ Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Laboratory Testing - We perform a wide range of lab tests in-house, including: STD testing, rapid flu/strep tests, UTI testing while other tests are sent to Quest Diagnostics for analysis.
  • https://www.fmwic.com/physical-exams/ Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Physical Exams - We offer Sports Physicals, DOT & HAZMAT Exams, Day Care TB exams, & Pre-Employment Physicals with labs, EKGs, and digital x-rays are available when needed.
  • https://www.fmwic.com/x-rays/ Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Digital X-Rays - Missouri - Need an X-Ray at an Affordable Price? All of our locations in Missouri are equipped for digital x-rays that can be transferred electronically to another medical facility.
  • https://www.fmwic.com/family-medical-walk-in-clinics-services-non-surgical-orthopedic-medicine/ Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Non-Surgical Orthopedic Medicine Services - These services are available at our Springfield, Missouri location, and include the setting and casting of uncomplicated fractures and the treatment of repetitive motion injuries.
  • https://www.fmwic.com/drug-screening/#DOTUDS Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Pre-Employment, Post-Accident, and DOT Urine Drug Screens - We offer employers fast, accurate, efficient and verified drug screening services that include screens for adulterants, such as Nitrate, Creatin, and PH.
  • https://www.fmwic.com/frequently-asked-questions-services/ Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services - Frequently Asked Questions about services offered by Family Medical Walk-In Clinics.
  • https://www.fmwic.com/memberships/ Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Membership Programs - We have established several membership programs with the sole intent to give our neighbors AFFORDABLE health care.
  • https://www.fmwic.com/affordable-healthcare-memberships/ Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: Urgent & Primary Care Memberships - ACS members receive office visits starting at just $35 at ALL of our locations! Including many extras like lab work, laceration repair, and x-rays.
  • https://www.fmwic.com/individual-healthcare/ Family Medical Walk-In Clinics: ACS - Individual and Family Memberships - Individuals and families who are underinsured or without health insurance can benefit from our cost-effective Affordable Care Solutions membership program.

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