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Dentistry - Brooklyn, NY - Charles Grannum D.M.D. - Charles Grannum, D.M.D., offers a full range of cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry needs to help patients achieve and maintain great oral health.

  • http://www.fortgreenedental.com/contact Contact Us - Brooklyn, NY - Charles Grannum D.M.D. - Thank you for contacting Dr. Charles Grannum at Clinton Hill and Fort Greene Dental. We'll be in touch shortly regarding your message. 
  • http://www.fortgreenedental.com/cosmetic Cosmetic Dentistry - Brooklyn, NY - Charles Grannum D.M.D. - Achieve the smile of your dreams! Dr. Charles Grannum offers a variety of advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures.
  • http://www.fortgreenedental.com/restorative Restorative Dentistry - Brooklyn, NY - Charles Grannum D.M.D. - Highly trained dentist Dr. Charles Grannum offers restorative dentistry services utilizing the latest technology.
  • http://www.fortgreenedental.com/restorative/dental-implants Dental Implants - Brooklyn, NY - Charles Grannum D.M.D. - Dr. Charles Grannum offers traditional and same-day dental implants to replace missing teeth, improve oral health, and restore your smile.
  • http://www.fortgreenedental.com/general-dentistry Dental Care - Brooklyn, NY - Charles Grannum D.M.D. - Dr. Charles Grannum provides a range of dental care services, including cleaning and screenings, to keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  • http://www.fortgreenedental.com/restorative/dental-crowns Dental Crowns - Brooklyn, NY - Charles Grannum D.M.D. - Dr. Charles Grannum offers durable, natural-looking custom dental crowns to restore damaged or decayed teeth.
  • http://www.fortgreenedental.com/cosmetic/clearcorrect ClearCorrect™ - Brooklyn, NY - Charles Grannum D.M.D. - Are you hesitant to consider metal braces? Dr. Charles Grannum offers ClearCorrect™ clear orthodontics. 
  • http://www.fortgreenedental.com/cosmetic/porcelain-veneers Porcelain Veneers - Brooklyn, NY - Charles Grannum D.M.D. - Dr. Charles Grannum offers porcelain veneers to enhance your smile by concealing dental imperfections in an easy two-visit procedure.
  • http://www.fortgreenedental.com/cosmetic/teeth-whitening Teeth Whitening - Brooklyn, NY - Charles Grannum D.M.D. - Do you feel self-conscious about your stained teeth? Fort Greene Dental offers effective at-home and in-office teeth whitening treatments.

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