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Population Health Management Software | Forward Health Group - Forward Health Group helps providers fast forward to value-based care through population health management that improves clinical and financial outcomes.

  • http://www.forwardhealthgroup.com/products/ Products | Forward Health Group - With data visualization platforms, data aggregation software, and patient outreach tools, Forward Health Group fast forwards you to value-based care.
  • http://www.forwardhealthgroup.com/populationmanager/ PopulationManager® | Forward Health Group - Forward Health Group’s PopulationManager® is a powerful health analytics data visualization platform that focuses on patient care quality improvement.
  • http://www.forwardhealthgroup.com/populationmessenger/ PopulationMessenger™ | Forward Health Group - PopulationMessenger™ is a flexible patient outreach tool that automatically communicates vital information to patients about their health care.
  • http://www.forwardhealthgroup.com/population-health-software/ What We Do | Forward Health Group - Forward Health Group’s PopulationManager® is a top-ranked KLAS population health management solution that leverages your existing data from any source.
  • http://www.forwardhealthgroup.com/population-health-software/move-the-needle/ Patient Engagement | Forward Health Group - Patient engagement is streamlined, made easy with PopulationManager's Action Lists.
  • http://www.forwardhealthgroup.com/dsrip/ DSRIP - Make Your Data Fly | Forward Health Group - Aggregate your data to support your PPS on the journey to DSRIP outcomes improvement.
  • http://www.forwardhealthgroup.com/population-health-software/faqs-population-health-management/ Frequently Asked Questions: Population Health Management - In its most basic form, Population Health Management is the process by which care providers proactively identify those patients who need care.
  • http://www.forwardhealthgroup.com/population-health-software/faqs-value-based-care/ FAQs: Value-Based Care | Forward Health Group - Value-based care benefits the patient, the health care provider, and the payor by encouraging providers to deliver quality care at the lowest cost.
  • http://www.forwardhealthgroup.com/about/ About Us | Forward Health Group - Forward Health Group has the team it takes to start you on the path to value-based care through population health management.
  • http://www.forwardhealthgroup.com/population-health-software/klas/ KLAS | Forward Health Group - Forward Health Group’s PopulationManager® achieved the highest customer rating score in the 2015 KLAS Population Health Management Performance Report.
  • http://www.forwardhealthgroup.com/what-if/ How We're Different... | Forward Health Group - Forward Health Group transforms your data from raw and messy to actionable and interactive. We solve problems now, with data you have and measures you need.

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  • nihongasuki - It's good but not great

    I bought this mainly for my bikini area. I live by the ocean and love to surf. I am allergic to wax and shaving caused red bumps and ingrown hairs like you wouldn't believe. I bought this mainly to solve that issue and because I liked the idea of going long periods of time without having to shave or do anything. It works sort of. I have treatment areas that really took care of the hair and then some where hair seemed to not be affected at all. I have light olive skin (no tan at the moment) and extremely dark hair, which should be perfect. So far, I am still having to shave but with no red bumps or ingrown hairs. I treat every two weeks as well. Hopefully it will start working better. I may have to set it higher. I currently run it on three, which is the middle. I guess the real take away is what you initially purchased the machine for. I did buy this with the hopes of getting rid of the red bump and ingrown hair problem. But I also wanted to shave less and not have to worry about whether or not I needed to shave before getting in my suit. Overall, I do like it though.

  • Jennifer Goad - Another great flavor from a great product line

    I have tried several of these flavors and this one is pretty good. It's harder to mix with other stuff (I sometimes like to add frozen fruits to the chocolate flavor) but other than that it's great. It tastes great hot too!

  • Nykiridoll - Prime has saved multitudes of fish in my house-best water ...

    Prime has saved multitudes of fish in my house-best water conditioner made, and inexpensive as well. If you buy the larger bottles-make sure you invert/shake it, or you end up with super-concentrate towards the end of the bottle.

  • hopeisinhim - NBA Sticker collection book and 5 sticker packs

    Great for anyone who loves the NBA or loves collection basketball cards. This is the current 2015-2016 NBA lineup. Comes with 5 sticker packs of 7 for a total of 35 player card stickers. Also comes with bonus stickers in the book. Perfect for anyone of any age!

  • Ahna - Fits perfectly

    Fit right on the BOB stroller we have. The Graco car seat fit securely on and has worked well for us.

  • Bob Hughes - Great Picture, Lousy Documentation, Questionable choices on configuration.

    I choose 3 stars so that this review might get noticed by someone else who was considering this unit, that will be hooking it into an AV amp.

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