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The Gaia-Movement - The Gaia-Movement implements existing systems and develops new, which can benefit both nature and people

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  • Bonita J. Montgomery - Disappointing

    From what Dr. Wallach said on various talk shows that I've seen him on, I really expected way more from this book. He gave the impression that he would not only tell us what we need to take for a given ailment, but also the dosage that we would need to take to accomplish this. This book didn't give that information, and I didn't find anything much more in the way of information than what I had heard him say on these programs. I didn't want to know more about what could be done alone, but how to do it....without that information the book isn't worth much. I also got the same impression that I got from hearing him speak concerning the book being mostly an advertisement for his products, which folks like me just can't afford. It isn't totally worthless, but not what I was expecting at all.

  • Charlie - Great Moss Remover

    This product really eliminates mold on the outside of the house and outdoor furniture with little effort. The label states that it isn't caustic, however, you definitely need to cover your plants and shrubberies or the mist from the garden sprayer will kill whatever plants it lands on.

  • Anonymous - very happy with it

    Works as it should, I hope the battery will last, it's can sometimes be an issue with these low cost models.

  • Rachel - Leapfrog LeapPad

    I bought a LeapPad for each of my 4yr old twins and they love them. I love them because they are both fun and educational. My girls are learning how to write the letters of the alphabet using one of the learning games and they both love the shake and blowing into the microphone features of some of the games. Great product that they won't grow out of too fast. I would definitely recommend to others.

  • Amazon Customer - Amway The True Story

    First of all the book and Amway does change a lot of peoples life, if we only refer to monetary value and we are refering to something that does not lasts, but if we are refering to friendship, lifestyle, time with family, spritual value and principles. Than being in Amway with the system is the best that one could offer.

  • Z. Ball - keep looking

    not very sturdy, hard to get the quarters in, if yu have to move them, it almost rips the back. Nice to look at but hard to fill, there are better ones out there. But reasonable price, but one of those "you get what you pay for" items.

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