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  • Sheila Collins - Fabulous HR Resource

    What a great contribution! This resource will prove to be invaluable to managers with HR responsibilities, business owners, and HR professionals alike. It hits just the right note. While it is substantive and technically sound, it includes only the most useful material and avoids technical jargon. The book is easily navigable; it is a breeze to find the answers to everyday HR questions. Anyone who manages people in today's organization could benefit from keeping this book handy. Since receiving and reading the book, I keep it on my desk. As an HR consultant, I recommend it to my clients to support their work and enrich their understanding of HR.

  • Brandi Patton - If Satan and Hitler had a baby.....

    If Satan and Hitler had a baby, the smell of that brand new baby would smell better then this stuff! Liquid Ass is HORRID! I'd rather die a thousand deaths before ever smelling this again! I sprayed it 3 times near my unsuspecting husband who was on the computer. He was NOT amused. Infact, he was outright pissed. I laughed and laughed....until I caught a whiff of it. Then it wasn't so funny anymore. I went from laughter to gagging in about 10 seconds. And the gagging continued for the entire night, even after the smell was cleared out. Liquid Ass is undoubtable the WORST SMELL EVER IMAGINED!!!! I truly think I am scarred for life. The positive thing is, whenever I smell a really bad smell, I think back to Liquid Ass, and it's easier to handle :)

  • Cat Lovin Reader - Good for energy.

    What I liked about these was the energy they gave me. Taking these with all the b vitamins in them gave me a nice jolt of energy.

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