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  • Pat Savu - Non-pore clogging and effective

    I have had trouble with other acne treatments clogging my pores and actually making the acne worse. This product did not do this. It helped more than many topical treatments I have tried. I use it once a day at bedtime and I did not have any problems with over dryness. It is non-miraculous though. I have cystic acne and most of the topical treatments (including antibiotics) did not help at all. It has a pleasant herbal smell.

  • Kiara - Great taste and source of protein!! But it didn't work for me.

    I found out about body by vi from some of my friends i went to college with. I signed up for the shape kit package because I just wanted to tone up and shape my body to that hour glass figure. With the shape kit you only get 2 bags of body by vi shake mix with the flavors(banana, strawberries, or chocolate). I was really mad when I found out it had artificial flavors in the shake mix. The instructions were to drink 1 or 2 shakes a day with 8oz of milk and you can add some fruits and veggies if you like. I only took one shake a day because I like to eat solid healthy foods. After two months of doing so I did see some slight results. I started drinking two shakes a day with a healthy meal and healthy snacks in between. Did this for 6-8 months and I didn't see results any more than what I saw before. I gave this a 3 because it does have a great taste and it's a great source of protein. I just don't believe that it makes you drop tons of pounds like the promotors hype it up to be. I still use the shake mix because I do drink protein shakes to aide with my weight loss journey. But what works for me is just simply eating right and working out. There are also some other protein powders that you can buy that is way cheaper than body by vi. Not trying to bash anyone's product because everyone is different but it just didn't work for me.

  • Christian Fisco - Bright and Beautiful

    These lights are amazing. I have a pretty large gardens in my front and backyard, and I enjoy staring at the flowers and bushes being lit up at night. I’ve purchased lights before but they were poorly made and fell apart easily. The plastic poles were weak and flimsy. If there was ever a wind storm or if I was gardening and bumped into them, they would end up falling apart. The light were also solar charged, but they dim and unappealing. These lights however made such a difference in my gardens. They are well put together and very bright. I don’t have to worry about them being destroyed even when winter storms come. The stainless steel looks beautiful and I don’t have to worry about them rusting from rain or snow. The spike made it really easy to impale the ground and it is very sturdy in the ground. However, the brightness has to be my favorite part of the lights. There is no worry about charging them or replacing batteries because they are solar powered. The LED lights are so amazing. They were so bright and my gardens are perfectly illuminated!

  • Wmsstuff - It works great too!

    My research let me to this flashlight. I use them for work, hunting, and camping. My coworker always has the latest in flashlights, and always wan't to show me how bright his are. This was way brighter that any of his he pulled out to compare. I also ordered the Tangsfire charger for this. It works great too!

  • adam - Great for logging time on projects.

    I use this planner every day to log my time at work. It looks and works great. I like the hard backing and the spiral makes it easy to flip pages. Each spread is a week, so you can see all 7 days at once.

  • Lina - Many disappointments: Flimsy band. Lost the first MOOV NOW on my second run. Second MOOV NOW will not sync.

    I ordered two MOOV NOWs because I wanted a tracker that tracks more than just step movements, like the more varied movements you do at a bootcamp.

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