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Gensco Laboratories - Gensco Laboratories is an innovator in pharmaceutical manufacturing and in the utilization of patented drug delivery systems.

  • http://www.genscolabs.com/resources/ Gensco Laboratories - Official Website - Welcome to Gensco Laboratories official website - Products: SpeedGel Rx, LidoRx and TransGel
  • http://www.genscolabs.com/our-products/speedgel-rx SpeedGel Rx - SpeedGel Rx is Gensco Laboratories new, second generation prescription pain relief medication.
  • http://www.genscolabs.com/our-products/lidorx LiDORx - LiDORx™ provides topical non-narcotic temporary relief for pain as prescribed by a physician.
  • http://www.genscolabs.com/our-products/tranzgel TranzGel - TranzGel® is a 1st generation prescription homeopathic topical analgesic gel that provides temporary relief of pain
  • http://www.genscolabs.com/innovation Gensco Laboratories' Innovation - Gensco’s abilities provide possibilities for improving health utilizing our preparations, our dosing methods and proprietary drug delivery technologies.
  • http://www.genscolabs.com/innovation/isopeutic-technology Gensco Laboratories' Isopeutic Tech - Gensco Laboratories has developed and patented a unique drug delivery system in a gel format which transports pharmaceutical ingredients across the skin

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    City: -73.5833 Quebec, Canada

  • mreid - Not bad

    The first time or two that I shampooed, I really noticed a difference and loved it. I defnitely did not use the full amount requested as I have chin length hair, thin hair. I was using the product for approx 10 days before I went in to my next scheduled hair cut appt.

  • DSMohler - FAIL

    I have used Microsoft Streets an Trips since version 1. My company is a Microsoft Partner; I am a Microsoft Certified Application Developer. So I know what I am doing with a computer. This time Microsoft has produced a product that can't open older S&T map versions. After S&T recognizes the need to upgrade a previous map file, it displays the error: "Failed to open document." Other people are having this problem, but there is no support article from Microsoft. It is the year 2012, and by now Microsoft should be able to produce a consumer software product that just works. Besides that, there is no compelling feature in this version that warrants upgrading. Save your money.

  • Erin - Light walking shoes

    I wore these for 6+ hours walking around at a festival for three days in a row and found them comfortable and light, but not very supportive in the end even with the gel insoles. The shoe is very breathable due to the mesh fabric, which is great for wearing in hot weather. The insoles it comes with a very stiff and don't offer much support but I swapped them out for some gel insoles and they are perfect now. The sewn in tongue is a bit odd and takes a little getting used to.

  • I taylor - A fast-paced, action-packed dystopian novel

    This is a world where children are collected and used as expendable warriors and the population is split between the system, a dictatorship of cruel proportions and underground burrows where people try to hide away from the strict regime. A young girl has lived her whole life underground without seeing daylight once, that, is until they come to clean out her community.

  • Kris Carney - Never going wired again.

    Long have I awaited the day for this masterpiece in my life. A wireless mouse that has no delay and no strings attached. It took me a few weeks to even get used to not being burdened by a tugging wire, but I see just how liberated I am now. Battery could be better but then it would be heavier. As it is now I've only had to charge it once or twice a week; which is kinda annoying because the connector is sometimes difficult to connect.

  • Drakodan - I am learning to play Guitar! how cool is that?

    I have been wanting to learn how to play guitar for years and this has finally got me playing. It is fun and engaging. I love the arcade section. My one complaint is the choice of songs. I found a few I like, but I am not crazy about the song list.

  • Helen McDowall - hoyle casino games

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