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  • Natasha Clarke - Hmmmm

    This i must say, maybe its because i want a big butt i think that i am actually seeing some improvement in the shape, tightness and size in my butt, not gonna talk much about it just going to wait and give myself a few months again, this was my first bottle and im on my second now then soon third so im watching closely i cant wait

  • C. Fancher - Lovely moisturizer

    This is such a great moisturizer! As I'm writing this, I am on my 5th jar of this moisturizer. To be honest it doesn't smell the best and it can burn your eyes. I experience some eye burning occasionally, but it doesn't last long. To me, it is all worth it. Hope in a Jar leaves my skin very soft and VERY moisturized. I have oily skin, but it is also very dry if I don't use the right moisturizer. This is the only moisturizer I use at night. I have tried lots of others, but none have given me deep moisture like this one.

  • Judith Moore - Not a good purchase

    Sent it back. I don't know if I just got a bad one but it did not work at all. It had no suction at all, it dispensed water and cleaner but even after the dispenser was emptied unto the floor it would not pick up any dirty water. Now my beautiful tile has this film on it that I then have to use vinegar to remove and just use a mop now. I read the troubleshooting guide called the 1-800 number but nothing worked.

  • ChuggityMuggs - Highly Recommended

    An absolutely phenomenal machine. So many whiners posting reviews. When you consider the cost of a masseuse this things pays for itself in a matter of hours.. My Advice to the switch whiners: you should unplug it after every use because the switch draws current and warms the switch slightly. Leaving the power cord plugged in continually will eventually dry the switch out until it cracks. It really should have had a separate power switch instead of using a rheostat to do the job of powering it off because its never is truly "off" as long as its plugged in.

  • Michael T Kelly - The glue is good glue I just bought it to re-glue a bridge ...

    The glue is good glue I just bought it to re-glue a bridge back to my guitar I was thinking it was Hyde glue. But you really should just let the pro's fix a bridge that has broken off rather than waist the time trying to do it yourself. I let it set for 3 days it still popped loose.

  • science reader - incoherent

    Idiosyncratic, it is, to be kind. Incoherent, to say what I really think. I can't see how anything here goes with anything else. How does Brown create a menu out of such disparity? The New York Times opined in a review of another book that the "modern kitchen" is one in which are influences from all over the world. Well then, this kitchen is "modern," but not for me. I grew up on a farm in Illinois in the middle of the last century. Everything went with everything else. It all tasted great together. No taste fought with any other, so I have a very high standard for congruity.

  • Andrew Alexander - Install is easy and product works perfectly

    Must have product for NPP equipped cars. Install is easy and product works perfectly. I refuse to drill into any part of the car, dead pedal included. I actually routed the switch to between the drivers seat and center console and tucked the wire under the console the best I could. I can easily access the switch when I need it, which is just about every drive home from work. I'm sure having the switch in the pedal is perfectly fine, I duno maybe I'm just weird. I like the switch where I put it. Maybe if I get bored one day I'll break out the drill and put it where it's supposed to go.

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