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  • noah sapse - Excellent Beard Oil - Highly Reccomended

    While I was in grad school and traveling after it I always had a beard. It was mostly a laziness thing but I also liked the way it looked. When I entered the professional world I started shaving regularly because the beard just never looked professional. As someone with less than stellar beard genetics (relatively light weight beard, some patchiness) I just assumed it could never be work appropriate in my field and I was doomed to be clean shaven forever. Then I discovered beard oil. It's a game changer. You also need a good brush and a scissors for trimming. However, regular application of this oil (which has no real scent) and a good brushing make a beard go from hillbilly to hipster instantly. No more tufts of random hair or stragglers. No more areas of beard hair growing different directions (because of the brushing, oil alone will not do this but it helps it stay in place). As an additional plus, the oil does make your beard a lot softer and has completely eliminated any "beardruff" and itchiness I had before. It would be worth it just for that.

  • martha bryan - marvelous machine

    i sew professionally, so I was in search of a machine that could keep up with me. After seeing the machines that cost 300 plus, I thought I couldn't afford a decent machine. I saw this machine in a fabric store, ( for 100.00 more than I paid for mine ), and almost bought it. I always check Amazon's prices before I succumb to retail, and was happy to find it there. I am so pleased with this machine, that I am going to buy a second one, soon.

  • Julie K. - MY BAD...Or should I say THEIR BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

    the bike was rather easy to assemble, however, one of the main pieces was bent, and it's impossible to get a hold of anyone in the customer service area.

  • Regina Ryan - Perfect!

    I never knew I could replace this piece and not have to buy a new machine. This item is perfect and saved me a lot of money since I thought the machine was broken

  • Thelma - Superb Training

    I was so happy to find and purchase the Excel 2013 Video Trainer and not have to attend several courses at a training facility or community college for a substantial cost. This training video provides you the convenience to learn Excel at your own pace to achieve your comfort level of working with Excel. The trainer speaks clearly at a moderate speed, explains each step thoroughly as you view each keystroke, mouse click, or movement on the screen. The length of time the trainer teaches each lesson is adequate to cover the topic. There are additional exercises that assist in applying the knowledge you gained in the training. Overall, a great product that teaches Excel effectively!

  • Wolf4020 - Good grounding pad

    Been using for some time now. Amazing how it works. I even tested it with a multimeter because I was skeptical. You can tell the difference when you sleep on it .

  • Susie 28 - Maybe I will have a higher rating for it later ...

    Maybe I will have a higher rating for it later but as of now 3 is all I can give. It does not help my arthritis very much. I had high hopes for it. I know someone personally who races over this. I am tired of things that stink.

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