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Getwell Medical Center | Getwell Medical Clinics, Burdubai - Getwell Medical Center proudly welcomes renowned Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist, Dr. Sarita Kapoor and Dr. Ashok Kapoor is a renowned Cardiologist.

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  • davido - Fantastic value for a 1920x1080 monitor with HDMI.

    I bought this monitor primarily for my Raspberry PI3, but also to use as a 3rd monitor at work and at home, as needed. My criteria were: must be 1920x1080, must have HDMI input, must be lightweight enough that I can move it to where I need it, and must be inexpensive. This was the least expensive monitor I could find to provide HDMI and 1920x1080.

  • Amazon Customer - finally someone figured it out!

    An excellent book. Well written. Puts together all the pieces of the puzzle as to why more and more of our children are developing social and behavioural problems. This book transmutes a mother's love, a doctor's analytical mind, backed up with excellent research and described in layman's terms. Not only does it point out the problems and where they originate, but also gives hope to many parents by giving a practical plan and method of implementing better food choices. Brilliant.

  • Roscoe Verdin - Not Comfortable for us at all

    I am 5'8", not tall by today's standards. My head (and my girlfriends) head rests uncomfortably against the top rail of the back rest. Also, where the back rest joins the seat there is a large curve that doesn't allow us to sit back comfortably. I suppose this is what happens when buying a chair online without trying out.

  • Amazon Customer - Tremendous Bang for the Buck

    I purchased my 2012 Podium 6 in mid August. After over 400 miles of riding on chip and seal country roads, I am exceptionally happy with this purchase. With that, here are my impressions:

  • Amazon Customer - Can This Book (or Series) be Overrated?

    [Can This Book (or Series) be Overrated?] As a career & vocational counseling professional, my opinion is that it cannot. This book can be underutilized or misapplied, or a reader may want it to do something that it is not intended to do. (What book can be useful for everyone?) It provides no miracle path to a new or changed career. Nor does it state education or experience is neither helpful nor necessary. (And neither is it saturated with the author's faith beliefs; but some take issue with any mention of beliefs outside their own....) If one already knows the information in this work, of course it will be less useful.

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