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  • Brilliant Arts And Design - Be Patient...it works

    I have been contemplating doing something about my aging skin. I looked at thermage, Botox, and others non-surgical procedures to give my face some improvement in the wrinkle department. I stumbled across Nuface and it sounded intriging to me. It was a small investment compared to the aforementioned things so I thought why not. I expected to see some immediate results and then had to check myself and realize that I didn't get this way over night and I need to be patient and really give the product a chance to work. They advertize that it will take some time, up to 90 days (ugh) but to stick with it. I took a before picture and then started using the product. It didn't hurt at all and I got use to the slow pace needed to get the best results. I just incorporated a little ritual every day and now 3 weeks later here I am writing about it...because it WORKS!!! I happened to look at my before picture (which I highly recommend doing) and I saw it...plain as day I looked younger. My wrinkles were fading a bit and my skin looked amazing. This is a breakthrough product ladies (and men) Forget botox...get a nuface!

  • Atticus Johnson - Great Aroma, Smells Wonderful

    These are some of the best essential oils I've tried! The scents are so nice and a little goes a long way. I use these in my essential oil defuses.

  • Edward G. Taylor - Very handy.

    Much better that using multiple power adapters with USB ports. Working great so for. In light of recent studies indicating the sleep reduction with blue light, I wish it had a red or green power light instead of blue, as I use this in the bedroom. However, it is not hard to turn it away from me so not worth docking a star over.

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