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Country:, Europe, IT

City: 11.8833 Province of Arezzo, Italy

  • Fireman - Good Card Making Program

    Nice card software. I wish Hallmark didn't make the program automatically write their name on the back of all Greeting Cards one makes. And they protected it so you can not remove the name Hallmark when printing out the finished card.

  • Bethany Roseman - Wishful Thinking

    I've thought for years that Peachtree might have a better alternative to QuickBooks. There are a lot of accounting functions I have needed to perform over the years, but just can't be done in QuickBooks.

  • Lewis Samuel - Also provides great protection for your knuckles

    These gloves fit snugly and provide a few things. Padding for your palms, silicone fingertip grips for single finger operation of brakes and shifters, and an absorbent thumb pad for whipping sweat away from our face. Also provides great protection for your knuckles. I live this glove.

  • Riverreviews - Virtual Reality at your fingertips!

    As technology changes new ideas are constantly coming and going. Some stick around and others are fleeting. The newest idea in technology, gaming and mobile apps are reasonable cost 3D experiences. We now have Google Glass, the Hololense in development and Google came out with a cardboard headset which put it right into the hand of anyone with a smart phone and a couple bucks to spend. I had the opportunity to experience a new product by BlitzWolf called the VR Headset at no cost for a valid and unbiased review. As always my reviews are based on previous experience with other products, use of the current product for at least a week and my own thoughts. I always give you an honest review because your time and money are just as valuable as mine.

  • Jesse R - really works.

    Loves it. I don't have a big butt. When I began using this my sister asked if I bought a booty pop panty. I said no. She was then how yer butt looking bigger.

  • Ronnie W. - The device is nice looking. I like how it comes with Velcro ...

    The device is nice looking. I like how it comes with Velcro so you can put it wherever. What I don't like is the price compared to the overall value of the device. I use it for watching tv in bed with Bluetooth headphones. The reach is very disappointing. I am a little less than fifteen feet from the tv and unless I am sitting up with my head off the pillow it cuts in and out, which for $55 dollars is unacceptable. I had a Tao Tronics for $13 that worked much better but due to me getting a new tv I had to have a transmitter that worked with Digital optics cord and the Tao Tronics didn't. I gave it two stars because of the price. If it was cheaper it would have gotten a better rating but for the price it is very disappointing.

  • Amazon Customer - Very realistic and fast paced legal mystery

    I'm searching for words to describe how well realism drives the pace and intensity of this legal thriller. The main character isn't wealthy, doesn't have hidden resources and loves his work and his son. He finds himself, through no fault of his own, at the mercy of vengeful a-holes who have no limitations on how far they'll go to harm him. What he does is about what you or I would be able to do in his place, for the most part (I can't fight). And, that's what drew me in, in a 'this could really happen' sorta way. The details regarding trials, investigations and prisons was phenomenal. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and listened to it straight through.

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