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HHH - FUE Hair Transplant Center in Bangkok Thailand - Welcome to HHH Natural and FUE Hair Transplant Center. With over 30 years of experience in hair transplantation, we only use the safest and latest treatment methods.

  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/pubic-hair-to-scalp-transplant/ Pubic hair to scalp transplant - Pubic hair is a very good source of done hair for transplant to bald area on the scalp
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/the-consult/ In the first consult We will let you know what the best treatment is - In the first consult we discuss your needs and give personal advice about hairtransplantation. Our staff will explain the options available for your
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/hair-biology/ Hair Biology : How does hair develop ? - Hair Biology. How does hair develop. Hairs grow in a hair follicle which is usually about 4 to 5 mm deep into the skin and connected to the tissue through
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/transplantation-of-ones-own-hair/ Transplantation of one’s own hair - Transplantation of one’s own hair. Your own hair is moved to the place where your hair has fallen out or has become thinner and it is directed into
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/transsexual-surgery/ Hair growth adjustment after transsexual surgery. Full feminization - Hair growth adjustment after transsexual surgery. After an intervention with hormone treatment, the goal of full feminization is achieved by focusing on hair
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/scars-on-the-scalp/ Hair growth around scars.Transplanted hairs may grow on or along scars - Hair growth around scars. Transplanted hairs may grow on or along a scar on the scalp.
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/crown-hair-transplant/ Crown Hair Transplant - HHH - Transplantation in this area requires much more hair than a procedure performed on the front to acquire the same density. Contact us to learn more about it.
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/hair-transplantation-in-women/ Women and hair transplantations - Women and hair transplantations. To promote the density of hair. To accentuate the hairline. To possibly accentuate the widow's peak or the V-shaped hairline
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/widows-peak/ Widows Peak hairline on the forehead. To accentuate beauty - Widows Peak, a V-last hairline on the forehead. In order to accentuate beauty, a so-called ‘widows peak’ can be applied, to create a charming hairline
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/facial-hair/ Facial hair like mustache, beard and sideburns can be created with hair - Using the same hair transplant techniques, facial hair like sideburns, mustaches and beards can be created in any style.
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/body-hair/ Body and Genital Hair Transplant - HHH - HHH Natural Hair Transplant Center can, for both sexes, add hair to the body genital region, as well as on the chest, nipples, and abdomen and in armpits
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/eyebrows/ Eyebrows can be accentuated with the transplantation of your own hair - Eyebrows can be accentuated or embellished with the transplantation of your own hair
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/prices/ The prices / costs of a hair transplant in Thailand - The costs of a hair transplant are difficult to specify in advance. It depends on the quality of the donor area and the method of treatment.
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/special-offer/ HHH Natural Hair Transplant Center has a special offer for you - HHH Natural Hair Transplant Center has a special offer for you for transplants of more than 1000 hairs. Call us about this special offer!
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/photo-gallery/ Photo Gallery. An impression of hair transplants by HHH Hair Transplant - Photo Gallery. An impression of hair transplants by HHH Natural Hair Transplant Center Bangkok Thailand.
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/testimonials/ Various written and video testimonials about treatments by HHH Natural - Various written and video testimonials about treatments by HHH Natural Hair Transplant Center Bangkok Thailand
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/faq/ FAQ The most asked questions answered by HHH Natural Hair Transplant Center - FAQ The most asked questions answered by HHH Natural Hair Transplant Center bangkok Thailand. Hair loss is quite a common thing in the world. But its effect
  • http://www.hairyhairthai.com/about-us/ About us. The clinic and why we are unique - About us. The Natural Hair Transplant Clinic of Dr. Viroj Vong is a hair center located in Thailand. It is a leading institution with an international.

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    The product itself is worth 5 stars from an effectiveness point of view - but since it attracts bees like crazy, making it useless outside unless you're a bee farmer, I'll give it three stars.

  • Brianna R - Great for all curls :)

    I love Aunt Jackies products and recommend to all my natural hair friends. Natural hair can be frustrating at times but this stuff makes me excited to wear my hair out!

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