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CPD-Accredited Certificate Courses for General Practitioners - Certified and accredited GP education in skin cancer, dermatology, aesthetic medicine, office procedures, medical business management, and GP Update programs.

  • http://www.healthcert.com/contact-us Contact HealthCert - Get in touch with Education Advisor - We can help tailor your education pathway to your current expertise, interests and career goals in order to achieve the best learning outcomes.
  • http://www.healthcert.com/level-foundations Skin Cancer Training for GPs - Fundamental Skills - Understand the fundamentals required to effectively diagnose skin cancer and perform basic treatments in the primary care setting.
  • http://www.healthcert.com/level-intermediate Skin Cancer Training for GPs - Intermediate Skills - Learn various surgical techniques, including flaps and grafts, and broaden your therapeutic options, including curette and cautery.
  • http://www.healthcert.com/level-advanced Skin Cancer Training for GPs - Advanced Skills - Acquire advanced Dermatoscopy/Dermoscopy skills and hone your surgery techniques to minimise referrals and treat complex skin cancer cases.
  • http://www.healthcert.com/courses Certificate Courses for General Practitioners Overview - The HealthCert course overview lists all 2016/2017 CPD-accredited certificate courses, workshops and events relevant to general practitioners.
  • http://www.healthcert.com/cert-in-primary-care-derma Certificate in Primary Care Dermatology - Skin, Hair, Nails - The Certificate Primary Care Dermatology has been developed by dermatologists for GPs to help manage common skin, hair and nail conditions.
  • http://www.healthcert.com/prof-certificate-aesthetic-med Professional Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine for GPs - The course in Professional Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine course is aimed at GPs with an interest to grow their practice in Aesthetic Medicine.
  • http://www.healthcert.com/primary-care-office-procedures Primary Care Office Procedures Workshop - GP Surgery Training - The Primary Care Office Procedures practices a range of surgical procedures, local anaesthetic approaches, post-operative care, and suturing for best cosmetic outcomes.
  • http://www.healthcert.com/gp-clinical-update GP Update - An overview of all topics pertinent to GPs - The GP Update program collates the latest publications to help GPs stay up to date with all medical and regulatory issues relevant to general practice.
  • http://www.healthcert.com/med-business-owners Medical Business Management Masterclass - Grow your practice - The Medical Business Management Masterclass brings together renowned industry experts to help you protect your practice, and build your personal wealth.
  • http://www.healthcert.com/calendar HealthCert Courses Calendar - GP Courses 2016/2017 - Our education events and courses are held throughout the year with locations including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast.
  • http://www.healthcert.com/about-us About HealthCert - Our vision, our story, our team - Our purpose is to provide certified and accredited education for medical professionals in order to improve patient outcomes.
  • http://www.healthcert.com/become-a-partner Become a partner - We are Australia's leading provider of certified and accredited education for medical professionals.

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  • Alex - Quality problem.

    My kids complained that in some songs audio is ahead of the video. This makes playing impossible. This is the first time we've experienced this issue, and only with this game, so it is not our controller.

  • DocTheology - It Really Works

    I have a prescription cream that is mixed only at the Mayo Clinic and is a special mixture they designed for joints, arthritis, and damaged muscles. It costs about $150 for 4 oz. I admit that the prescription has a little more punch in the numbing effect. However, on selected days I use the Australian Dream Cream and find that it is a solid relief for the pain and muscle soreness. I have arthritis in the neck, shoulder and knees from a serious accident over 20 years ago and this cream provides me about 75% relief on the days I use it. They do have a good guarantee to send back the empty container if you do not like it, but read the small print...you have to send the jar back within a limited time and it is really not enough time to see the long-term effects on your joints and your needs. But I think there is good value to the cream.

  • Alexander Hernandez - Coconut Milk Conditioner Not Good

    I absolutely love the shampoo, but I use a different local organic conditioner since this product does not soften my hair enough either. This conditioner has something in it that does not allow frizzy or curly hair to really soften, maybe the fragrance in it, who knows. But the shampoo is worth every penny.

  • NHCoder - Great packaging, great feel when teeing off

    Great packaging, great feel when teeing off. 200+ yard drives are not a problem. My only complaint about these Nike Mojo balls is that they don't keep me from hitting them into the woods. If a golf ball could do that, I would pay top dollar. I don't know... maybe I should take a lesson or something,

  • George Tucker - Tastes bad

    Very handy stuff for attaching things to other things, attaching things to themselves, and making and attaching a new thing to a pre-existing thing.

  • William L. Nale - Great price. MUCH cheaper than going to Toyota for ...

    Great price. MUCH cheaper than going to Toyota for a replacement. I'm using it on a 2008 Tacoma. It was tricky to get it programmed (more secure though) but I got it going after about half an hour. I got the optional rubber cover to protect it. Good range with my truck.

  • Lloyd D. Williams - Rogaine for Women

    Rogaine for Women. It has not been sufficient time to allow the product to do what I am wanting. Recommended time is three to four months and I have only been using it for almost one month.

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