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  • RBMunkin - Absurd price for what you get, but...

    One reviewer said "The price point is quite high, sure, but it's simply asinine to rate a product based on that." Personally, I think THAT is asinine. But to each their own. Price is an inherent part of a product.

  • Brad Lovett Cohen - good book

    This was a good book. Full of great facts and pictures. Funny new records that were broken. Nothing that I would ever do.

  • jaguar - It is good stuff, made my hair silky smooth

    Bought this because I couldnt find it anyplace around me close. It is good stuff, made my hair silky smooth. Left it on for 3 hrs plus used portable hair dryer for 10 minutes every 45 minutes so it did a much deeper condition. Highly recommended.

  • Steve Ferris - Great antivirus

    I purchased again for the second year. Love the low profile on the computer. Does not chew up space or resources. Also does not bug you 10x a day to repurchase. So much better than norton or mcafee! Catches the viruses and Trojans, so it does what it supposed to do, but in the background with out interfering with your computer. Antivirus companies should Learn this!


    What junk! Will never use again. Any little thing causes a need [by their terms] to repair their software. I've had to do this 3 times since its purchase in Feb. It now has suddenly stopped using the autopilot option, thereby resetting every option for protection to off. It has always sporadically dropped the firewall "whenever". As a result you have to go in to see if it is actually still functioning.Their wallet causes the system to crash because of the significant amount of RAM it uses. IF [IF] you can get tech support to respond and IF [IF] they understand your English, they will ask for error logs which takes days on end to evaluate. Then they just say "run repair". THE final straw was when I was told to turn auto updates for Windows on as it would fix the login issue. Opps, they failed to say that Microsoft discourages this as it can create keyboard and mouse lock ups. So guess what I get to do?? Yep, go through the needle and the haystacks to get these devices working, then take the BITDEFENDER TOTAL SECURITY 2016 PIECE OF S...CRAP OFF. Way to go, you've made my day off oh so wonderful!

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