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  • Wesley L. Linscott - Great shaver, great value

    I have shaved with a razor for about 50 years. Recently I was prescribed a medication which can make it much easier to bleed from cuts, etc. Using an electric shaver was recommnded, so I checked on Amazon.com to find one. This particular model was listed as being the top-seller, had many good reviews and a reasonable price, so I ordered it. I have been very pleased. It took a couple days for me to get used to an entirely different way of shaving, but I have adjusted. Of course I don't get as close a shave as with a blade, but it isn't bad. I have been amazed with the battery life. After the initial charge, I was on my seventeenth day before the light started to blink indicating that a charge would be needed soon. I know this will decrease over time as anything rechargable does, but seventeen days on one charge was super! I am very pleased with my purchase and am happy to recommend this shaver with a five-star rating.

  • Dragon - I love these!

    These shoes are very comfortable and needed no break in time, I bought two more pairs! They are very light and have a great tread pattern!

  • Jeff - I like them

    I think this shoe is a great improvement over the GT-2000. The latter has a Solelyte midsole and I could not run in it. It didn't provide enough support and I got calf cramps only fifteen minutes into a run. The GT-3000 has a different midsole and is a beefier, stiffer, and heavier shoe, which is what I need. I am very rough on shoes, run on the roads, have nearly 200 miles on this pair, and have had no problems with them whatsoever.

  • Mark W. Miller - A variety of topics covering all aspects of the game ...

    A variety of topics covering all aspects of the game and sport, presented in a readable format, makes for an enjoyable read.

  • Laura D. - Buyer beware

    At least with this product I was able to find what seeds were in this mix, but I also bought the contractors mix. I fulled 2 small pots with my yards soil and sowed the seeds of each product into the pots, labled them, and waited. Four weeks later I had no grass from this mix growing at all! It certainly does nit give you the greenest lawn in town.

  • Amber Howell - I shop based on reviews as well so I try and give the best information possible without fluff

    I'm currently taking a large load of summer classes and spend most of my days in lectures. Before I started using nootropics I would find myself losing focus and having a hard time remembering important details from them. I've been using this product with Uridine and feel a huge difference! Since using these notropics I have an easier time paying attention and am committing much more to memory than before.

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