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Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Cleveland, Highland Hi - Highland Springs has skilled counselors and compassionate caregivers available 24/7 to assist with substance abuse, depression and mental health issues.

  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/why-highland-springs/ Why Highland Springs | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, - About Highland Springs Learn about our caring, professional staff and welcoming environment. Message from our CEO Hear from our leadership about what Highland.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/why-highland-springs/about-us.stml About Us | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Cleveland, - Highland Springs is a newly-constructed, 72-bed behavioral health hospital offering inpatient and outpatient mental health and addiction treatment to adults a.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/why-highland-springs/message-from-our-ceo.stml Message From Our CEO | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, - Thank you for visiting our website and taking time to learn about Highland Springs Hospital. Our hospital has been designed to be a safe haven.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/why-highland-springs/mission-values.stml Mission and Values | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, C - Our mission is to change people s lives by delivering innovative and evidence-based treatment in a professional and compassionate environment that creates a f.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/why-highland-springs/join-our-team.stml Join Our Team | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Clevel - Thank you for your interest in employment with Highland Springs. You have a unique opportunity to be a part of creating and maintaining a high-quality.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/why-highland-springs/how-we-are-different.stml How We Are Different | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, - At Highland Springs, our goal is to change our patients lives. We ask ourselves these questions every day, How can we be sure that our.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/why-highland-springs/our-location-accommodations.stml Our Location / Accommodations | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Menta - Highland Springs is located at 4199 Mill Pond Drive, Highland Hills, Ohio 44122 . For specific driving directions, please click on the Directions link in.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/our-approach/ Our Approach | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Clevela - Inpatient Treatment Take advantage of a controlled, structured environment with 24-hour care. Partial Hospitalization Program Intensive group therapy along wi.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/our-approach/inpatient-treatment.stml Inpatient Treatment | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, - In the Inpatient Program, patients receive detailed clinical and medical assessments, psychiatric stabilization and rehabilitation care. This program offers t.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/our-approach/partial-hospitalization-program.stml Partial Hospitalization Program | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Men - Highland Springs offers two options for those looking for outpatient mental health and addiction treatment. Our Partial Hospitalization Program is detailed be.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/our-approach/intensive-outpatient-program.stml Intensive Outpatient Program | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental - Highland Springs offers two options for those looking for outpatient mental health and addiction treatment. Our Intensive Outpatient Program is detailed below.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/our-approach/family-involvement.stml Family Involvement | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, C - Families have the opportunity to participate in education and support groups to increase their understanding of addiction and mental illness. This process hel.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/our-approach/alumni-support-group.stml Alumni Support Group | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, - A support group is offered for all patients who complete their initial treatment program. Recovery is a lifelong process and requires continued support from o.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/what-we-treat/ What We Treat | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Clevel - Addiction Experience true freedom from the chains that hold you bound. Mental Health Psychiatric stabilization and therapy for long-term mental wellness. Seni.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/what-we-treat/addiction/ Addiction | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Cleveland, - Addiction is a powerful and difficult condition to treat. We approach addiction through medical intervention (detoxification), where appropriate, followed by.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/what-we-treat/mental-health/ Mental Health | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Clevel - We treat individuals who may be suffering from one or more of the following conditions: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive/ compulsive thoughts or.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/what-we-treat/senior-treatment/ Senior Treatment | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Cle - Aging adults face unique and challenging concerns including safety, physical decline, loss of independence, medication reactions, cognitive decline and multip.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/what-we-treat/integrated-co-occurring-disorders.stml Integrated Co-Occurring Disorders | Addiction, Drug Abuse, M - Our treatment program for an individual experiencing mental health and addiction issues involves an integrated approach that treats both disorders at the same.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/patient-visitor-guide/ Patient Visitor Guide | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health - Preparing for Your Stay Find our what you need to bring and ways to enjoy a successful stay. During Your Stay Learn what you will.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/patient-visitor-guide/preparing-your-stay.stml Preparing For Your Stay | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Heal - You should bring the following items with you when you are admitted to the hospital. All of the medications you are currently taking (including OTC.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/patient-visitor-guide/during-your-stay.stml During Your Stay | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Cle - Our program utilizes a treatment team approach that includes a variety of professional disciplines working together to personalize an individual treatment pla.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/patient-visitor-guide/after-your-stay.stml After Your Stay | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Clev - Your care does not end once you leave the hospital. To continue your recovery, you should engage in follow up care. Participating in follow-up care.
  • http://www.highlandspringshealth.com/patient-visitor-guide/resources.stml Resources | Addiction, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Cleveland, - Nationally Recognized Web Page Links for Addiction www.nida.nih.gov . Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: www.samhsa.gov. COGNIT-Contin.

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  • Bill Willard - Good product, did have to take some pliers to ...

    Good product, did have to take some pliers to bend in towards ranger a little bit more,stuck out way too far as arrived....easy installation and looks great ...good investment as I've already replaced a taillight....

  • Chelsea L. - not worth it

    Did not work, didn't clean like I thought it would. I got it to try and clean my bamboo flooring. I couldn't notice a difference.

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    This book was a requirement for a college writing course that I took this summer. I never imagined how much I would actually enjoy reading the different essays in this book. The price was cheaper on Amazon then it was in the local community college bookstore.

  • Diane - For the money... you can't go wrong!!

    We purchased these knives...and think they've been worth every penny. They're sharp, comfortable to grip, aesthetically appealing, and come in a nice assortment. Certain knives like the Chef's knife and the table/steak knives have become the proverbial 'work horse' of the set while the tomato knife hasn't really seen the light of day since it left the box. The polypropylene handles are capable of withstanding high temperatures and, because of their nature, do not harbor bacteria like some sets that contain rivets or those with wooden handles.

  • Sacramento Shopper - Able to fit in my small car...

    I needed to fit three car seats in my Toyota Matrix. I had a four-year-old son when I unexpectedly found myself pregnant with twins. A new car was not in the budget, so I started my hunt for car seats that would work in my Matrix. I stumbled across the Clek line and after much debating over whether to get the Foonf or the Fllo, I settled on the Fllo due to it not impeding my line of vision when needing to see out of the back or rear windows. It does sit a tad bit lower than the Foonf enough that because I am short as it is already, I wanted every available inch of space available to see out of the windows for safety reasons. It does not recline, like the Foonf does and it does not have Rigid Latch. I thought I would be unhappy about those features, but in the end neither mattered. I couldn't use LATCH to install the seats because I got a better overall install using the seatbelt. I was able to puzzle two Fllo's next to a Harmony Defender successfully and keep my car! The one detail I dislike is that the cover is not removable. I understand the fabric has the ability to be a repellent agains liquids, but I like to throw my covers in the wash every now and then to get rid of crumbs and whatnot. Eh, for the price of being able to fit three across in my small car and have extended rear-facing, I guess it's a minor trade off I can live with.

  • Dianne E. Christeson - Love these paper plates

    Love these paper plates. Took a little longer than expected to get here, but we weren't in a rush. Will order again. A lot better than doing dishes for snacks and such.

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