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Hogue Vein Institute - Hogue Vein is a professional, trusted vein clinic serving Minnesota with experienced physicians providing the safest and best choice for vein care

  • https://www.hoguevein.com/about/certified-vein-specialists/ Vein Specialists - Hogue Vein Institute - Hogue Vein Institute's certified vein specialists are diplomates of the ABVLM and members of the American College of Phlebology

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  • Acornbooksnorthwest - Best we have found

    We have tried many products and this does better than the others that are commonly found at supermarkets, pet stores, and vets' offices. This is not to say it is perfect. I suppose our bad kitty is just too bad for any product....

  • Cherie - if it doesn't work like it says

    I have always been susceptible to poison ivy. When I get a rash, it's usually a major one and it literally burns my skin. Last year I got some on the palms of my hands (right more so than the left). The doctor gave me a steroid and it took the rash down, but not totally away. Over the winter it hibernated about a month ago it re-appeared in full bloom. I went to the pharmacist to see if there was anything new and found Zanfel. I thought, for the price (and believe me, it was pricey!), if it doesn't work like it says, I would write to the company and try to get my money back. Well, after the 1st application, the itch was subsiding and it started feeling better. After a week of applying it once a day, it was all gone. I now have skin replacing the old damaged skin and it feels wonderful! I am so glad that I tried it.

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