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  • William Lincourt - This is the biggest scam out there. The product ...

    This is the biggest scam out there. The product is expensive and has little to no data to support the claims. It is a pyramid sceem and relies on bringing in new partners to make any money.

  • Kacey D. - Mixed feelings...

    Nice camera, no instructions. Difficult to figure out how to get to the menus and make changes. Heat in Texas is too much for the unit. It will lock up until the interior of the car cools off. The back camera does not fit into the mount very tight, so can vibrate off. The heat also affects the double sided tape as the back camera fell off after sitting outside in the heat for a few hours. I like the unit and the video, just not too happy with the mounting. The power cable is not my favorite as it occupies one of my outlets. I ordered a shorter USB cable for the back camera and mounted it beside the front camera facing the interior or the car.

  • AAWerner - Great Bag

    This is a great bag and am very happy that I spent the money to get something with such good quality.

  • PFFlyers - Great Product

    This is a great buy. This product really smells good and works great on your hair. Use very little and it goes a long way. My hair dresser uses this product and this is how I came to buy Kenra Platinum Taffy. Highly recommend.

  • nateysmom - Great alternative to those "high priced" can coolers

    Great alternative to those "high priced" can coolers. This cooler holds bottles or cans and keeps them both cold for hours with the rubber top seal. Easy to use, just twist off the top, put your beverage of choice in and put the top back on. Great for any and every time you want to keep your drink cold. Outside doesn't sweat because of the double wall insulation and your hands don't get cold from your cold beverage. SATISFACTION 100% Guaranteed. I would definitely buy another. "I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion."

  • Manhattanite - Not user friendly

    Not easy to install in my Prius and user manual is hard to follow. Also seat is not as comfortable as it looks. Car seat is a non-returnable item once opened due to safety reason so I'm stuck with it. Company's website has YouTube videos on installation and I'm finally able to install it after watching the videos.

  • Tom Roach - Waterman Expert Pen - Second to None

    Another great Waterman pen. I still get lots of compliments on my new pen. I will definitely get some more of these awesome pens! They make great gifts for professionals.

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