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Hydra Frame | Digital Studio - Hydra Frame is an award-winning interactive agency, based in NY and London. We provide a wide range of services, from 3D animations and sales rep training tools to film and video production

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  • James M. Barnett - Car running great, so far Blue Devil has worked as promised!

    Here's the scenario: 2003 Nissan Altima 2.5 liter, 175K miles on it. Symptoms: Losing coolant, about 8oz a day, but no external leaks. Had a problem with heat going back to last winter - there is no heat when the engine is at idle, the engine has to be around 2K revolutions or higher to get heat from the heater core. This is because there is combustion gas constantly leaking into the coolant system creating a vapor lock in the heater core. Engine has occasional misfires in cylinder 3, I believe caused by coolant leaking into that cylinder. If the radiator is running under pressure the engine sputters and struggles to run at times - I believe because an over-pressurized coolant system is forcing some coolant into the engine. Setting the radiator cap so the radiator doesn't pressurize, the engine runs fine. Replaced both thermostats (yes there are two for some reason) and made no difference. Given those circumstances I was very certain there was a head gasket issue. Because of the high mileage I didn't want the expense of doing a head job, so decided to give Blue Devil a try.

  • Charles - Not worth the hassle any more

    I used to be a big fan of Microsoft Access and have been using it in my business since the initial version came out 15+ years ago.

  • da Bilsta - Good

    I reckon u should read this simplistic book if u are a young female reader. It is fine, but not fabulous, good but not great, and (a tiny bit) boring, and not brilliant. I'm sorry I couldn't say more.

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