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  • San Diego Dad - Terrible all day aftertaste

    I tried this product out for a couple weeks. It seemed fine, my breath didn't seem bad, and the rinse left my mouth feeling fresh. Then out of the blue, I use it at night, and wake up with the most terrible taste in my mouth. I thought something was wrong with my morning coffee the flavor was so off. After I ate, I noticed my mouth still tasted like some off shoot of this rinse. It lasted about a day before it subsided. It was certainly the rinse that caused the issue, but I have no idea why it happened randomly a number of uses. I just can't risk having that happen again, so I'm done with this rinse. Sounds like it works for at least some people, could be body chemistry.

  • Sarah - Well if only I had thought of that.

    Well now I'm another voice on here loving the "TubShroom". I have what I consider a difficult tub because if my hair goes down that drain? It is pretty much clogged until I can clean it out. I've used 3 different types of drain covers trying to compensate, because my hair is LONG. What always ended up happening was that it would get full of my hair and then the water wouldn't be able to drain.

  • David Meier - Easy way to save money on a great product!

    I've been buying this product at the salon for a couple years now. For some reason I never thought about looking online. I'm glad I did! I saved $5 off each unit. This product doesn't leave my hair crunchy, but holds it in place nicely.

  • enkdad - Great design idea, poorly executed

    I purchased this item from Overstock.com. It cost less there, but now I wish I had purchased from Amazon, as their return policy is more reasonable.

  • Kelleycometrue - My kiddos loved them and want to try the other flavors as ...

    Got these for my kiddos since they are picky eaters and our doctor suggested we get this to help our kids maintain / gain weight . My kiddos loved them and want to try the other flavors as well. Will deff continue to buy them !!

  • C. Collins - Does the Job

    Removes calcium, lime and rust as advertised. I have hard water, and this works in the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoors. Great stuff.

  • David Jacques - NOT age appropriate

    I thought this would be a fun summer afternoon project for my 8 year old. He is excited about Cub Scouts and this is one of the electives for the Bear year. We were extremely frustrated with how little he could actually do and how much *I* had to do. He ended up enjoying the ear piece and we put the project away for another day. I believe we will skip this elective and work on something else entirely. Even more frustrating is the fact that I actually purchased the item at our Cub Scout store rather than ordering it online... almost as if BSA is endorsing a really poorly constructed product.

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