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Kinesiology - Learning, Growing, Embracing Life - The international organisation for the education and certification of Kinesiology Professionals. Courses are taught worldwide in many languages, and students can gain a globally recognised qualification in the practice of Kinesiology (the science of muscle balancing).

Country:, Oceania, NZ

City: 174.8042 Auckland, New Zealand

  • Mick Bird - The war ends

    Finally the war between the forces of Admiral Strong and the Simulins forces has come to a end. The crew of the Distant Horizon, completed their task of destroying the Dyson Sphere. But they was surprisingly able to survive. At the last moment they was able to exit to an area where AIs built by the Originators control. They with the help of the AIs repair their ship with new weapons and return to help win the final battle. With them they carry the cure for the last living Originators. I for one will be looking forward with interest to reading the first book in the next series of books.

  • Johnny - Save your money...

    This software is a joke. All it is a giant advertising machine for Intuit's other "products and service." Every click you make it's asking if you want to use their credit card processing services, or if you want to build a website using their software, or gives us all the information about your company including bank accounts just to register your software (which has to be done by phone, where do you guys come from?), yes we will ask you for the same information 26 times and then make you call us. I don't get it. I couldn't get past all the questions about if I wanted to use their other products to even know if this actually works. It's a giant parasitic pain in my rear and I'm seeking a refund.

  • Brian A. Sadler - a LOT of bad reviews for this product and every one of them ...

    Wow, a LOT of bad reviews for this product and every one of them is accurate. I, like many here, upgraded my Mac OS to Yosemite and that caused Finale 2011 to have a lot of bugs and crash. It would crash on playback, crash after using the setup wizard, etc. I had to open old pieces and use them as templates. I even read that upgrading further to El Capitan made Finale 2011 totally unusable! So I downloaded 2014 and after working with it for a week I was about to cry. I had written hundreds of pieces with 2011 and now with 2014 it was a nightmare and I could barely get through one. Even scrolling around my score was frustrating!

  • virginia zepeda - Great Deal

    I bought extra cartridges for my unit. Great price and very much worth it. I would recommend buying it for yourself.

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